Carbohydrates and fibres (sugar, starches)

Food and drink drives ‘good start’ for Novozymes

Food and drink drives ‘good start’ for Novozymes

Enzymes and food biotechnology giant Novozymes saw a 3% growth in sales in the first quarter of 2017, driven by strong performances in Food & Beverages and Bioenergy.

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DuPont health & nutrition president on mega mergers, start-up successes and new product launch plans

Defra’s Family Food Survey published in March, found sales of regular soft drinks fell by 34.6% between 2010 and 2014. Low-calorie drinks purchases increased by 35.8%. The survey stated that 38% of all soft drinks consumed were fully sugared, ©iStock

Artificial sweeteners raise stroke and dementia risk, study claims

The two major glycosides found in the leaves are stevioside and rebaudioside A. Both taste approximately 200–300 times sweeter than sucrose.©iStock/Heike Rau

New insights reveal how stevia controls blood sugar levels

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Nutritionists dispute relevance of sugar levels in chocolate spreads following report

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Dutch success on salt reduction overshadowed by sugar and fat fails

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Pregnancy fat and sugar diet ‘programs’ mother and child health complications: Mouse Study

The report identifies the ongoing Syrian crisis as a prime reason for soaring food insecurity rates and malnutrition cases. ©iStock/RadekProcyk

Conflict a key driver behind soaring food insecurity worldwide

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The big debate: Can sugar survive a public health crisis?

Food in nine specifc categories will have sugar limit recommendations, including cakes, biscuits, chocolate and sweets, ice cream, puddings, yoghurts, breakfast goods and sweet spreads. ©iStock/ratmaner

UK guidelines target cakes and cereals in drive to cut sugar by 20%

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