More pictures, less numbers: FSA advises on healthy food labelling

The new findings suggest more uniformity between labels and better visualisation could help consumers make better decisions at a glance.©iStock

More visual and less numeric label information could be the way to bolster healthier food choices in Northern Ireland, the FSA say.

Food and drink production grew by 0.5% at the start of 2016 compared with the previous quarter, while employment remained stable. Photo: iStock / Mifilippo

EU food and drink production rises in Q1 2016

The research provide leads for increasing the sustainability of banana cultivation in the future. ©iStock

More sustainable banana crops possible as fruit’s fungal DNA is unravelled

'This should be cheaper [than other fibre sources] because it is a very abundant by-product,' says researcher. ©iStock/TracyHebden

Leftover coffee grounds: Unlocking 6m tonnes of unused antioxidant dietary fibre

After maintaining its milk price in August, Arla Foods has joined others in raising its milk price for September. Pic: ©iStock/somchaij

Arla Foods hikes September milk price

Pack 301 LS is consisted of a Smart Measuring Loader, a Smart Slug Feeder and a Pack 301 LS horizontal flow wrapper.

Bosch biscuits packaging system keeps up with consumers’ ‘growing appetite’

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Market Trends

The survey also found respondents were also willing to pay more for food produced using environmentally-friendly methods.©iStock/mifilippo

UK shoppers will spend more for fairer groceries: Survey

The market was worth €1.1bn ($1.3bn) in 2015 and is expected to rise to almost €1.2bn ($1.4bn) by the end of 2016. ©iStock/Ritter75

Baby food and probiotics driving expectations for a €1.7bn colostrum market within the decade

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, oxalic acid and raw beetroot feature in emerging risks identified by EREN

Having traditionally cooked foods as raw flagged in report on emerging issues

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The association wanted to see children under the age of 2 years avoid foods or beverages with added sugars, including sugar-sweetened drinks. ©iStock

Guidelines not sugar-coated: Limits for children announced

Scotland’s health minister could push for advertising laws to be devolved unless the UK government implements tighter restrictions on junk food. ©iStock

Scotland wants advertising powers following “disappointing” UK obesity strategy

The UK government has released a plan to cut obesity, and dairy is included. But just what constitutes free sugar in dairy products? Pic: ©iStock/oksun70

UK obesity plan attacks sugar – but calculating sugar in yogurt and dairy beverages is tough

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The study thinks that combining glucomannan with chitosan could be important for designing new weight loss foods. ©iStock/misuma

Mixing two well-known ingredients could be key to new weight-loss foods: Study

The influence of a prenatal diet on the developing foetus has been the focus of a number of studies that demonstrate how a new-born’s health can be determined at such a young age. ©iStock/

Unhealthy diet during pregnancy linked to ADHD in kids: Study

The largest areas of vulnerable forest are in Africa and South America, say researchers. ©iStock/slpu9945

South America & Africa biggest growth risks for palm oil - but upping market initiatives could curb deforestation

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Arla is challenging consumers in the UK to do more with breakfast as part of its Choose Goodness campaign.

Arla Foods urges UK consumers to create new protein-rich breakfasts

Justin Thomas, managing director of Bon Bon Buddies (pictured) says: 'Chewits is an exciting and well-established brand that we’ve always wanted to sink our teeth into...'

Bon Bon Buddies to produce Chewits Easter egg

TIPA is seeking new partnership deals for its eco-friendly compostable packaging. ©TIPA

TIPA seeks partnerships for compostable plastic packaging

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The study is one of the first definitive pieces of research into the impact of palm oil cultivation – replacing large areas of lowland tropical forest with plantations. ©iStock

Palm oil plantations moving in on lowland forests can damage ecosystem functions

The Olympic Games in Rio has been branded a “carnival of junk food marketing. ©iStock

Food industry under fire over Olympic sponsorship deals

After a one-year weight maintenance phase, the diet resulted in 6% lower body weight, 10% total body fat and 17% lower abdominal fat. ©

Protein pacing helps weight loss and maintenance: Study




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