Eastern promise: The untapped health potential of Japanese cuisine

Eastern promise: The untapped health potential of Japanese cuisine

17-May-2015 - The Japanese diet can rival the Mediterranean diet for both health benefits and consumer pulling-power – with the added bonus of 'undiscovered' ingredients waiting to be developed by Western food manufacturers.

TTIP will offer great opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises in Europe, said FDE

Inform public about TTIP to remove misconceptions, says FoodDrinkEurope

20-Apr-2015 - More needs to be done by the European Commission to remove misconceptions about TTIP, a representative from FoodDrinkEurope has said, following the recent public backlash in Germany.

Manufacturers in Europe that are already using coconut vinegar claim they are more nutritious than apple cider.

Is coconut vinegar the next big coconut ingredient?

20-Apr-2015 - The health halo associated with coconut ingredients could mean coconut vinegar is the next ‘it’ product in Europe -- though its nutritional benefits are to yet be verified.

"One function of attributing blame in response to a disaster is to begin the process of restoring faith when confidence is broken - as when consumers are misled about the food that they purchase and consume," said the study.

How to restore consumer confidence after a food scandal

20-Apr-2015 - Accountability is key to rebuilding consumer confidence in the industry following a food scandal  - a company’s response to accusations of contamination is almost as important as its actual role in causing it, according to a new study.

About 12% of olive trees across southern Italy are thought to be contaminated

Commission plan to destroy 11m olive trees needs more research, says EFSA

20-Apr-2015 - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said plans to destroy up to 11 million olive trees in southern Italy lack sufficient research, after NGO Peacelink challenged the proposal.

IRI retail expert: 'It’s reasonable to assume that [retailers] could have done a lot better this year if they hadn’t sold out of eggs!'

Major retailers misjudged last-minute Easter egg demand, says IRI

20-Apr-2015 - UK supermarkets ran out of Easter egg stocks just ahead of the holiday, a misjudgement that cost about £5.2m ($7.7m) in sales, says IRI.

Pollution and water overconsumption for food production are largely to blame for water scarcity, the FAO says

FAO urges sustainability over immediate profits to safeguard water supplies

20-Apr-2015 - Water is likely to be sufficient for food production in 2050 – but increased competition means two-thirds of the world will be affected by water scarcity, according to a joint report from the FAO and the World Water Council.

The company's confectionery sales surged at Easter, it said.

Early Easter sweetens sales for Nestlé

17-Apr-2015 - Nestlé has reported a better than expected sales jump of 4.4% with sales totalling CHF 20.9bn (€20.25bn), boosted by sales of bottled water and chocolate.

The scientists, who tested their hypothesis using drinks, have called for further research to see if the findings hold true for other foods.

Sugar reduces stress more than aspartame, say scientists

17-Apr-2015 - Sugar-sweetened drinks may reduce stress levels and therefore be harder to reduce than aspartame say scientists - but campaigners are still calling on industry to reduce both.

Pressure to import food could be reduced by cutting food losses, the report said

Worldwatch: Sustainable production faces ‘hidden threats’

17-Apr-2015 - More sustainable production is needed to ensure food and nutrition for future generations, but sustainability faces hidden threats, claims the Worldwatch Institute.

All business areas reported a better operating profit in 2014 than in previous years, said the company

AAK records ‘historic high’ 2014 profits

17-Apr-2015 - Acquisitions have driven AAK’s operating profits to a ‘historic high’ with net sales up to SEK 17,814m (€1.9bn).

 The company said it will shift to more premium products to remain competitive in 2015.

Unilever share price soars as sales rise 12%

16-Apr-2015 - Unilever share prices surged more than 4% within a few hours of the company announcing that its first quarter sales had risen 12.3% to €12.8bn, exceeding expectations.

IFOAM's online Technology Innovation Platform promotes and facilitates scientific research that can benefit all stakeholders in the organic industry

IFOAM: Organic must innovate to break out of niche status

16-Apr-2015 - Organic sales are growing but the sector remains niche with market share in single figures, says one industry group – but innovative practice and partnerships could change this.

Probiotics, fibre and wholegrain - what's happening on the digestive health market?

Regulation squeezes digestive health NPD out of EU

16-Apr-2015 - The percentage of food and drink launches carrying digestive health claims has fallen from 2.4% in 2009 to 2.2% in 2014 in the EU, says Innova Market Insights.

 The survey is open to stakeholders, citizens and the scientific community

How to feed the planet? EC asks in survey

16-Apr-2015 - The European Commission has launched an online survey for views on how science and innovation can best ensure there is enough food for people globally.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of French consumers said low-salt and low-sugar products were a priority for foods eaten on the run

French consumers seek healthier on-the-go foods

16-Apr-2015 - France may be notorious for its leisurely lunch breaks but less structured ways of eating are taking root, with a third of consumers saying they often eat on the run, according to an Ipsos poll.

Japan’s low carb consumption makes it lightest of all G8 nations

Japan’s low carb consumption makes it lightest of all G8 nations

15-Apr-2015 - An analysis of the G8 nations has highlighted striking differences in calories and other macronutrients purchased from packaged food in these countries with Mediterranean and Japanese diets being the healthiest, according to Euromonitor.

Will new regulations mark an end to colonial-style R&D?

EU companies must get ready for ‘bio-piracy’ law now

15-Apr-2015 - Global and EU regulation aims to stop companies using indigenous bio knowledge and material to make profits without filtering any of the benefits back.

Ethical halos: Is there an additional value to CSR activities?

Ethical halos: Is there an additional value to CSR activities?

15-Apr-2015 - While CSR activities have been long suggested to improve public relations in general, new research has found that consumers rate products produced by companies with good CSR as a better quality too.

Economically disadvantaged groups are likely to consume more trans fats, said Professor Stender at the meeting

European trans fat report 'could lead to ban'

15-Apr-2015 - The European Commission will consider action on industrially produced trans fats in foods following a high-level debate, said a spokesperson at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).