Appletiser launched new 330ml 'sleek' cans onto the South African market late last year, to reinforce the drink's premium adult appeal

SAB Miller sells Appletiser to Coke in $260m deal as firms ink Africa bottling mega merger

28-Nov-2014 - The Coca-Cola Company and SAB Miller have inked a deal to combine their non-alcoholic bottling operations in Southern and East Africa into a $2.9bn turnover business that will accelerate sales in 12 high-growth countries.

“This decision has opened a new doors for us, for example the supplement market as for example the chia seeds can’t be included in dietary supplements,” said Aurelie Vromaine, product manager at Ingredia.

Benexia chia oil wins EU novel foods approval

27-Nov-2014 - The European Commission has approved Benexia chia oil as a novel food for use in food supplements and in place of other plant fats and oils in foods and drink applications.

The meta-analysis of three long-term studies suggests daily yoghurt consumption is linked to a lower risk of developing diabates - however randomised trials are needed to test whether there is a causal link, say researchers.

Could a yogurt a day keep diabetes away?

27-Nov-2014 - A high intake of yogurt may be associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, suggests a new meta-analysis.

While European consumers can rank how healthy foods are in general, the use of different 'reference amounts' such as 'per portion' and 'per 100 grams' can confuse consumers in some cases.

Nutrition labelling requires ‘appropriate’ reference amounts: Consumer study

27-Nov-2014 - Consumers are generally able to use nutrition labelling systems to identify more and less healthy foods, but the use of different reference amounts may be confusing, say researchers.

EU companies make progress on goal to halve food waste by 2020

EU companies make progress on goal to halve food waste by 2020

27-Nov-2014 - The European food industry has made progress toward cutting food waste, with nearly two-thirds including wastage in their sustainability strategy, according to a new report from trade organisation FoodDrinkEurope.

Research shows fraud costs organisations an average of 5.47% of expenditure

Food sector losing more than £11bn due to fraud - report

27-Nov-2014 - Food fraud and error could be costing UK companies £11.2bn or 85% of profits a year, according to a report.

Emma Blackery's YouTube channel has more than 830,000 subscribers

YouTube Oreo ‘lick race’ ads banned

27-Nov-2014 - The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned several YouTube adverts for Oreos following a BBC Newsround investigation, ruling that their commercial nature was not immediately clear to viewers.

Sustainable certification, cocoa messaging and farmer stories on-pack will appeal to mid-lifers, says Canadean

Sustainable chocolate: Mid-lifers like quality and ethics

26-Nov-2014 - Mid-life consumers aged 45-54 purchase chocolate regularly and sustainable messaging should capture their attention, says Canadean.

'Consumers still expect to have the eating quality or the texture that they get from a full-fat or a full-sugar product,' said Aaron Edwards from Ingredion.

Texture is as important as flavour to modern consumers: Ingredion

26-Nov-2014 - When reformulating products companies shouldn’t forget about the texture as consumers don’t want to compromise on it anymore, according to Ingredion.

Manufacturers' push for better quality private label goods is paying off

Irish private label sector has ‘scope to grow further’

26-Nov-2014 - Private label groceries have not performed as well in Ireland as elsewhere in Europe, but there is significant scope for expanding market share, claims market research firm Nielsen.

Working age men who consumed the most trans-fat had 'notably worse' performance on a word memory test, said the research team.

Trans-fat consumption linked to memory declines in adults

26-Nov-2014 - High trans-fat consumption may be associated with declines in memory among working-age men, according to research.

Photo: Derek Gavey/Flickr

‘The wine world is under attack, and it needs to up its game’, Wine Economist Mike Veseth

26-Nov-2014 - Eminent wine writer and economist Mike Veseth warns that the wine world needs to combat the threat of ‘new age prohibitionists’ and authentic, interesting and affordable spirits and beers.

Tyler Balliet, founder of Second Glass, Wine Riot (pictured left)

‘People should stop thinking about their own brands and just market wine!’ Wine Riot founder

26-Nov-2014 - The brains behind the successful Wine Riot events in the US, Tyler Balliet, believes that winemakers should forget their own brands and simply focus on marketing wine to a new generation of consumers.

'Much of this growth is expected to be driven by ongoing concerns over worldwide obesity levels,' said Jonathan Thomas from Leatherhead

Functional foods market is expected to grow 25% by 2017: Leatherhead

25-Nov-2014 - The global functional food market is forecast to reach $54bn (€43bn), an increase of 25% compared to the last available data from 2013, says Leatherhead Food Research.

Adding a reduced or no sugar brand extension allows confectioners to test the market before removing a higher calorie product, says Cargill

Reduced or no sugar SKUs help confectioners cut calories without risk

25-Nov-2014 - Manufacturers can create reduced or no sugar hard and soft candy product extensions without the risk of changing the taste of a proven seller through reformulation, according to Cargill.

The term nanotechnology refers to the control of matter at an atomic or molecular scale of between one and 100 nanometres (nm) – one millionth of a millimetre.

MEPs reject nanoparticles in novel foods

25-Nov-2014 - Members of the European Parliament’s health and environment committee last night rejected a Commission proposal that would have updated novel foods rules to allow the use of nanoparticles.

Market data points towards continued quiet reformulation of salt levels in foods, but could an increasing interest in gourmet table salts cause a headache for salt reduction policies?

'Quiet’ salt reduction is vital – but gourmet salt growth may stifle industry efforts

25-Nov-2014 - Salt replacer use is growing but low salt claims are not, as food companies favour a ‘quiet’ approach – but growth in gourmet table salts may threaten salt reduction efforts.

Photo:Jacqueline Sinclair/Flickr

Bulgaria strip stamp change threatens premium spirits, spiritsEUROPE warns

25-Nov-2014 - spiritsEUROPE revealed today that it has written to the Bulgarian Finance Minister asking him to delay a duty strip stamp change, which it warns could cost premium spirits producers.

The WHO and FAO backed ICN2 framework document suggests 60 recommendations to improve food and nutrition systems globally.

ICN2 'framework' document outlines action plan for better food and nutrition systems

25-Nov-2014 - The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Health Organisation (WHO) have published a 60 point plan as part of a ‘framework for action’ to improve global food and nutrition systems.

Simon McMurtrie, CEO of Direct Wines (left) at Wine Vision 2014

‘Bringing movie magic to the wine world will win new drinkers’: Direct Wines CEO

25-Nov-2014 - Direct Wines CEO Simon McMurtrie insists that bringing ‘some of the magic’ associated with movie and perfume launches into the wine world will entice a new generation of wine drinkers.