A total of 55% of Scottish voters opted to remain in the UK, versus 45% voting for independence

Whisky body welcomes stability of Scottish referendum result

19-Sep-2014 - The Scottish Whisky Association (SWA) has welcomed the “stability” brought by the vote for Scotland to stay in the UK.

The WHO says trans fat bans and policies are working to cut consumption in most of Europe

WHO targets a trans fat-free Europe

19-Sep-2014 - The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for a complete ban on trans fats throughout Europe as part of a new action plan on diet and health.

Photo: KMO Foto/Flickr

Scientist fires EU coffee warning ahead of EFSA caffeine publication

19-Sep-2014 - A high-profile scientist warns that any move by EFSA to recommend lower upper levels of caffeine consumption below 300mg/day could be ‘very harmful’ for the EU coffee industry, ahead of a key publication.

Commonly used non-caloric artificial sweeteners (NAS) could increase the risk of glucose intolerance by changing the composition of the microbial ecosystem in our intestines, say researchers.

Artificial sweeteners may drive metabolic disease risk

19-Sep-2014 - Sweeteners in foods and drinks could be causing an increased risk of metabolic diseases by changing the way our gut bacteria interact with the body, says a new study.

Nestlé's products in South Africa include confectionery and coffee: The company wishes to create a regional coffee hub in country (Pen Waggener/Flickr)

Nestlé South Africa appoints new MD, announces $181m investment

19-Sep-2014 - Nestlé South Africa has announced a five-year $181m investment plan in the country and the appointment of Ian Donald as company chairman and MD.

'The accumulation of data finally shows that there is no demonstrated link between saturated fatty acids and cardiovascular disease,' said professor Philippe Legrand of AgroCampus Ouest.

Saturated fats may not cause heart disease: Researcher

19-Sep-2014 - Saturated fatty acids shouldn’t be avoided as they don't cause cardiovascular disease - but 'excess' is the important word, says a human nutrition expert.

Financial assistance has spurred higher rates of organic certification in Europe

Organic production: To certify or not?

19-Sep-2014 - Subsidies have led to high rates of organic certification in Europe – while costs and confusion often prevent US organic producers from certifying their products, according to a new study.

‘We Love Eating’ campaign targets seven EU cities

‘We Love Eating’ campaign targets seven EU cities

19-Sep-2014 - The European Union has launched a campaign to encourage healthy eating and identify winning strategies in seven target cities.

"We can't put pressure on societies saying this is the only way," says GM researcher

The road to fish-oil equivalent GM camelina

18-Sep-2014 - Rothamsted Research has achieved omega-3 levels comparable to fish oil in its first GM camelina harvest, something which has been surprisingly well received by the public, its senior researcher says. 

Ecuador may gain exclusive rights to the term ‘cacao arriba’ under European protected geographical indication (PGI) rules

Any objections? Protected geo-indication could be on cards for Ecuadorian 'arriba' cocoa

18-Sep-2014 - An application to the European Commission for protected geographical indication (PGI) status for ‘cacao arriba’ from Ecuador is now open for public consultation.

'No other vegetable oil can compete with palm in terms of efficiency. It is ten times more productive than soybean and seven times more productive then rapeseed,' said Dr Kalanithi Nesarentam of MPOB

Malaysia hopes to double palm oil production by 2020

18-Sep-2014 - Malaysia hopes to double its palm oil production by 2020 without having to dedicate more land to palm plants, according to a Malaysian minister.

Scottish independence impact on food

What would a Scottish vote for independence mean for food?

18-Sep-2014 - As Scots head to the polls today, FoodNavigator asks, how would an independent Scotland affect the food industry there and in the UK as a whole?

Researchers develop high fibre ‘super spaghetti’

Researchers develop high fibre ‘super spaghetti’

18-Sep-2014 - Italian and Australian researchers say they have developed pasta with the same appearance and taste as regular pasta – but with 20% more fibre.

Wine making by-product could be a low-cost and highly nutritional replacement for fruit puree for confectioners, say researchers. Photo credit: Angelo Amboldi

Wine not? Grape-skin powder ups candy flavonol and fiber count, say researchers

17-Sep-2014 - Adding grape-skin powder to fruit candies may increase antioxidant content, open fiber claim doors and shorten dehydration time, according to a study.

DSM on NI: “It is a way of getting to know each other and we see this as one way to accelerate internal innovation and to benefit the companies and institutions we work with."

Cognition & colours among DSM targets at 2-day Swiss open innovation event

17-Sep-2014 - DSM Nutritional Products (DNP) wants to engage with commercial, government and academic entities at a 2-day open innovation (OI) summit with selected participants in December.

The EU organic logo has been mandatory since July 2012

Organic logo overload? Consumers are not confused, suggests study

17-Sep-2014 - There is room for several organic logos within one market – as long as shoppers perceive advantages of one over another, a new study suggests.

While prior studies have shown that boosting activity in the prefrontal cortex reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, this is the first study to show that reducing activity leads to more cravings and food consumption.

Junk food cravings linked to lapses in brain function, suggests study

17-Sep-2014 - Overindulging in high-calorie snacks may be partly caused by lapses in a specific part of the brain suggested to keep knee-jerk reactions in check, say researchers.

"This research has critical implications for advocacy groups, ethical brand managers, and anyone else trying to encourage mainstream consumers to make more ethical choices,” said study author Ahir Gopaldas.

Turning emotions in to actions: Why do consumers spend more on ethical products?

17-Sep-2014 - Ethical consumption, and consumer willingness to pay more for ethical products, is motivated by a need to turn emotions about unethical practices into action, say researchers.

Premier Foods has reorganised its commercial division

Premier Foods launches three new business units

17-Sep-2014 - Premier Foods has launched three new ‘Strategic Business Units’ (SBU’s) in a bid to strengthen its focus on major growth opportunities and develop more agile ways of working.

Researchers are calling for sugar to represent no more than 3% of total dietary energy intake

Sugar not the sole cause of obesity: AB Sugar

17-Sep-2014 - British Sugar owner AB Sugar is fighting back against anti-sugar campaigners with the launch of a campaign informing people about sugar’s role in a healthy balanced diet.