The companies chose Sub-Saharan Africa for their joint-venture because of the predicted population, consumption and gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the next two decades as well as increased urbanisation of that region.

Olam sells 25% of its packaged food operations to Sanyo Foods to grow in Africa

21-Aug-2014 - Olam International sells 25% stake of its packaged food business to Japan-based Sanyo Foods for $187.5m. The partnership is aimed at expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sweeteners face slow growth prospects in Europe and US

Sweeteners face slow growth prospects in Europe and US

21-Aug-2014 - Changes in consumer behaviour are having major impact on demand for high-intensity sweeteners globally, with Europe and the US facing the prospect of slower growth while demand remains strong in Asia and South America, says IHS.

Lower diversity in gut microbiome could be associated with more unhealthy eating behavior and greater obesity, suggest researchers.

Gut feelings: Researchers suggest microbiota may manipulate eating behaviours

21-Aug-2014 - The link between our microbiota and health and behaviour may go as far as playing a role in the foods we crave, and could be controlled by modifying our gut bacteria speak to us, suggest researchers. 

Beef flavour without the beef

Synergy captures the essence of beef flavour

21-Aug-2014 - A new range of beef flavour solutions for savoury food and drink manufacturers has been launched by Synergy.

Carotenoids provide dye alternative

21-Aug-2014 - Manufacturers of energy drinks and flavoured waters can maintain drink transparency, without compromising taste or quality, claims DSM.

GNT brings colours from nature

Food colours from fruits and vegetables

21-Aug-2014 - GNT is targeting manufacturers of baby food with its new fruit- and vegetable-derived Exberry food colourings.

Carlsberg CEO warns of possible Russian brewery closures

Carlsberg CEO warns of possible Russian brewery closures as Ukraine standoff bites

21-Aug-2014 - Carlsberg’s CEO warned today that its Russian subsidiary Baltika Breweries is considering brewery closures due to a fragile consumer confidence affected by the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

“We argue that it is unreasonable to expect that one single person can guarantee objective and competent advice on a widespread range of issues to the European Commission’s President," said Luisa Colasimone, Communications Manager at Greenpeace EU.

More NGOs unite against the EC chief scientific advisor role

20-Aug-2014 - More non-governmental organisations are backing Greenpeace and HEAL in their efforts to scrap the position of European Commission’s chief scientific advisor (CSA). 

‘We’re less afraid of failure!’ Heineken exec on UK innovation

‘We’re less afraid of failure!’ Heineken exec on UK innovation

20-Aug-2014 - Heineken UK marketing director Jacco van der Linden insists the company has changed its culture to be less afraid of failure and more realistic in its volume and value expectations for new brands.

Frutarom reported record-breaking results as EBITDA rises by 33.5%.

Frutarom reports rising revenues and record results

20-Aug-2014 - Flavours and ingredients firm Frutarom has reported soaring Q2 profits as net income climbed by more than 44% over the same period last year.

EU member states and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries of Norway and Switzerland all scored as ‘Superior’ in the new report.

EU traceability requirements rank top in global table of food safety regulations

20-Aug-2014 - European Union countries rank highest when it comes to global food traceability regulations and requirements, according to a new report from The Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC).

'Developing national recommendations regarding snacking is extremely problematic for numerous reasons. One size does not fit all...' says researcher

Does snacking have a place in dietary guidelines?

20-Aug-2014 - Yes, 'snacking’ has its place in health promotion campaigns but there are communication barriers to overcome and recommendations must consider age and meal behavior, a review finds.

Best food jokes

Best food jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

20-Aug-2014 - Comedians performing at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe have earned plaudits for food and drink-based one liners from comedy writers, television stations and the press.

OCTAL to open DPET extrusion factory in US

OCTAL to open DPET extrusion factory in US

19-Aug-2014 - Oman-based OCTAL will open an extrusion factory in Cincinnati, US, in December and has joined the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) for greater visibility on what it does.

“When people buy something labelled ‘organic’, especially when accompanied by the EU’s official organic logo, they expect that product to be genuinely organic: i.e. with minimal – and ideally zero – chemical additives and with no non-organic inputs during the production process,” said Adam Smith, science and communications officer at ANH

EU organic rules may mean certified food is not truly organic, warns ANH

19-Aug-2014 - The Alliance for Natural Health suggests that non-organic inputs may be used in EU organic production until 31st December 2017 and call the public to action in support of true organic agriculture. 

Reduced calorie food emulsions, with an appearance and consistency similar to those of commercial full fat products, can be formulated using protein microparticles and dietary polysaccharides, say researchers.

Protein microparticles could aid fat replacement and calorie reduction

19-Aug-2014 - The use of whey protein microparticles and dietary fibre could help manufacturers replace fat in reduced calorie emulsion-based foods, say researchers.

Sugar is not the primary cause for the rise in obesity, according to Snowdon

Obesity caused mainly by inactivity, not sugar

19-Aug-2014 - The rise in obesity in the UK has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity, not by increased calorie and sugar consumption, according to the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The European Comission has anounced an emergency fund of €125m to help farmers and producers feeling the bite of Russian trade sanctions.

EU farmers given €125m aid to help battle impact of Russian sanctions

19-Aug-2014 - EU farmers will receive financial aid of up to €125 million to help them cope with the impact of Russia's ban on most Western food imports, said the European Commission.

Datamonitor Consumer analyst: 'In terms of the global picture, I think the all-natural snacking trend has peaked in the most developed markets for the moment'

All-natural snacking trend is starting to falter, says Datamonitor

19-Aug-2014 - The all-natural snack phenomenon has peaked in developed markets, faltering under a raft of lawsuits, says a Datamonitor Consumer analyst.

Claims that organic crops are more nutritious than non-organic crops is not supported by evidence

Organic health claims 'worryingly overstated'

19-Aug-2014 - A report claiming that organic crops are more nutritious than non-organic crops is not supported by the evidence, according to leading experts in the field.