Ditching 'diet' and laying off 'light': Consumers mistrust healthy processed foods, says Mintel

'Consumers no longer see ‘diet’ varieties as a good or healthy option to lose or maintain weight,' said Mintel analyst Katya Witham. © iStock

The National Obesity Forum's advice to shun processed foods such as low-fat yoghurts and cheeses for whole foods this week has provoked mixed reactions – but consumers are already turning away from foods labelled as low-fat, diet or light, according to Mintel data.

Manufacturers should be made to declare how much potassium is in processed food, say campaigners, which could help certain consumers increase their daily intake and allow others to avoid it for health reasons. © iStock

Make potassium labelling mandatory for processed food: UK petition

'The advantages of scale afforded to the multinationals have become eroded as smaller players adapt to changing tastes faster than the giants,' Alison Martin, director at Kantar Worldpanel UK & Ireland. © iStock

‘Nimble’ local brand closing in on multinational rivals: Kantar data

© iStock

Evolva bags European patent for fermented stevia

"...the Panel concludes that a cause and effect relationship has not been established..." ©iStock

EFSA rejects Tate & Lyle polydextrose-defecation claim

IRI: Cocnut milk sales up 67% in the UK. ©iStock

Consumers crazy about coconut, but are they nuts?

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Market Trends

Mondelēz International is thought to be the first company to have publicly urged IOI to drop its legal action against the RSPO. (© iStock.com/mihtiander)

EXCLUSIVE: Mondelēz urges IOI Group not to sue RSPO

'There is still the opportunity to increase redistribution four-fold, to the equivalent of at least 360 million meals,' wrote the authors of the WRAP report. © iStock

Food waste from manufacturing 56% less than previously reported

'High sensation seekers may be more likely to actually enjoy the pungency of spicy foods more than low sensation seekers,' write the researchers. © iStock

The thrill of the taste: Why do we like spicy food?

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Marketing turns off TV & moves massively online: ASA

Warning: May contain trans fats (but probably only in Eastern Europe) © iStock

Multinational firms sell poorer quality (but more expensive) food to Eastern Europeans

Sweden was one of four countries that drew connections to the threats posed by modern food production systems and the dietary patterns that drive them.(© iStock.com)

Nearly all governments failing to promote sustainable diets: Study

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Appearing in The Lancet, the research asks questions of the link between increasing salt intake and raised blood pressure. (© iStock.com)

A low-salt diet could raise heart disease risk, study suggests

There are benefits, as well as limitations, that artificial sugar substitutes offer to the consumer.(© iStock.com/bigredcurlyguy)

Artificial sweeteners cut calories but may affect glucose control in obese: Study

'This information could be used could be used to develop new artificial sweeteners.' said researcher Dr Sunil Sukumaran.  © iStock

Sweet potential: Tongue enzyme research may aid zero calorie sweetener industry

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The government wont prevent another Calais Crisis said the SSA

‘Nothing being done’ to prevent another Calais crisis

EU membership 'is vital' for the success of our food and drink sector: Sir Stuart Rose

EU ‘vital for food industry success’: Sir Stuart Rose

Finding its way into picnic baskets: Strawberries and Cream Picnic Gin

What’s hitting the shelves? Coffee & broccoli; coconut tea; and strawberry & cream gin

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Low-fat or 'light' foods encourage over-eating in the long-term

Does the age at which a baby is weaned impact on the proposensity to be obese later in life? © iStock

Study adds confusion over ‘best time’ to introduce solid foods

Following a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet recommended by official UK guidelines is the wrong approach, according to a The National Obesity Forum. (© iStock.com)

Government guidelines for low-fat diet 'disastrous' for health: report




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