Australia exporting livestock to Egypt again after cruelty concerns were addressed

Egypt resumes Australian breeder animal imports

01-Aug-2014 - Egypt has resumed imports of breeding animals from Australia, four months after agreeing to restart trade in livestock between the two countries, the Australian government announces.

Savola profits up 32% as it focuses on food business

Savola profits up 32% as it focuses on food business

01-Aug-2014 - Saudi food producer Savola Group announces second quarter profits of US$137m, up 32%, as it seeks to sell its packaging unit and its CEO reveals he is to step down.

Delice joins one of only five chocolate brands sold in upmarket UK retailer, Harrods.

Dubai’s Delice chocolate brand launches in Harrods

01-Aug-2014 - Dubai chocolate maker Delice has started selling its products in London department store Harrods’ chocolate room, and plans launches in three more markets this year.

Delta Food is expanding to produce cream, milk and tea packaging, it says

Delta Food plans expansion with $11m investment

01-Aug-2014 - Sharjah food producer Delta Food will invest US$11m in expanding its facilities in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) to drive expansion into new markets.

The Mediterranean dietary pattern could help children prevent obesity, but not many children in Mediterranean countries follow such a diet, say researchers.

Mediterranean diet is associated with lower weight in children but has become less common, says study

31-Jul-2014 - A diet that is very similar to the traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with lower body weight and fat percentage in children; however such diets are not common among children in Mediterranean countries, say researchers.

"For the first time, we are seeing that the MC4R pathway is involved in the brain's response to food cues," say researchers.

Genetic appeal: Brain responses to food cues may vary based on DNA

31-Jul-2014 - People with a common genetic mutation linked to obesity respond differently to pictures of appetising foods than overweight or obese people who do not have the genetic mutation, according to new research.

The meat industry could benefit from the research

Meat industry to benefit from research project

31-Jul-2014 - A new research project could help protect the meat industry against the threat of climate change and food security, according to the University of Edinburgh.

Hachez production shift: There has been some local reaction, but on the whole understanding, says marketing manager

German choc firm shifts packaging to Poland in search of cheaper labor

31-Jul-2014 - Hachez, owned by the Danish Toms Group, will move part of its packaging production from Germany to Poland in an attempt to claw back some of its recent losses.

If fruits and vegetables were premature death-reducing drugs, we'd be making millions

Drug link would increase fruit and veg consumption

31-Jul-2014 - Millions of pounds could be made if the benefits of fruit and vegetables were marketed more like pharmaceutical drugs, one of the country’s leading dieticians has claimed in response to a new study.

As part of the preparations the company introduced three limited edition IRN-BRU cans, opened the IRN-BRU store in Glasgow’s Candleriggs area as well as launched ‘Born to Support’, ‘Do More’ and ‘Fizzing up for the Games’ campaigns.

Glasgow 2014 is AG Barr’s biggest sponsorship deal in history

30-Jul-2014 - AG Barr is undertaking the biggest sponsorship in the company’s history in support for the Commonwealth Games on home soil.    

FIC gluten-free labeling: Logos remain outside the remit of FIC, the European Commission ruled [Pictured: Coeliac UK's crossed grain symbol]

‘Important changes’ as gluten-free label laws move under FIC

30-Jul-2014 - Rules on gluten-free labeling have been published under the EU Food Information to Consumers (FIC) regulation, and there are some important changes for the future, says the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS).

Chobani request to appeal UK Greek yogurt injunction rejected

Chobani request to appeal UK Greek yogurt injunction rejected

30-Jul-2014 - Chobani's long-running legal battle with rival Fage over its use of the term 'Greek yogurt' in the UK is seemingly at an end, after it was refused permission to launch a second appeal against a 2013 High Court injunction.

Unearthed Mars correspondence with UK Department of Health reveals firms concern that mandatory plain packaging in the tobacco industry would set a "key precedent" for the application of similar legislation to other industries including  food.

Plain packaging pay out to Mars would ‘certainly not be trivial’, says Institute of Economic Affairs

30-Jul-2014 - Mars in 2012 wrote to the UK’s Department of Health to express concern over the potential impact on branding and intellectual property rights should tobacco plain packaging policy be extended to food – something the Institute of Economic Affairs said could cost the government big bucks should a mega-confectionery brand take legal action.

The pigment neocandenatone could be of interest to consumers due to evidence of possible antioxidant activity and in vitro cytotoxic activity against HeLa cervical cancer cells, researchers say.

Wood you? Novel pigment tipped for gummy and hard candies

30-Jul-2014 - Neocandenatone, a purple pigment found in the heartwood of Dalbergia congestiflora trees, could hold colorant possibilities for gummy and hard candies, according to Mexican research.

More than three quarters of salads on sale in the UK would recieve a red or amber warning for salt content, says CASH.

Secret salt: CASH slams salt levels in ‘healthy’ salads

30-Jul-2014 - Huge amounts of salt continue to be added to many restaurant, café and supermarket salads in the UK, according to a new survey by Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH).

Country of origin tests conducted by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) did not find any cases of misleading origin claims.

FSA study shows country of origin labelling is accurate

30-Jul-2014 - An investigation in to the origin of foods claiming to be from the UK and Ireland has found that such claims on labels are accurate, says the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

ABA government relations head: 'With the Nutrition Facts Panel, there are going to be some good opportunities with potassium that balances out with the sodium'

Nutrition Facts Panel could help bakers with sodium-nutrient ‘balancing act’

30-Jul-2014 - The Nutrition Facts Panel overhaul could fuel more micronutrient fortification in baked goods, helping the balancing act between sodium and nutrients, says the American Bakers Association (ABA).


Future of food: Climate change and air pollution will combine to curb food supplies

30-Jul-2014 - The effects of air pollution on the ozone, coupled with higher global temperatures could combine to reduce crop yields. However effects will vary by region, say researchers.

A new EU report suggests taxes on fat, sugar, or other unhealthy foods can help to reduce consumption levels. However the report also warns that the issues are complex and that such levies can have unexpected effects

'Sin taxes' on unhealthy foods will work, says EU report

29-Jul-2014 - Taxes imposed on sugary, salty or fatty foods do lead to reductions in consumption, says the European Commission in a new report. But higher taxes could also encourage consumers to simply go for cheaper products, it warns.

The Marc Bakery will launch a low-budget all-natural kids cereal line later this year to target mass retailers

Russian all-natural snack start-up: 'We’re catching the wave, not chasing it'

29-Jul-2014 - The Marc Bakery aims to transform its $1m Russian snack business into $45m in just three years – a possible goal in a country where all-natural remains nascent, its founder says.