Emerging markets, infant formula drive H&W over €600bn

Emerging markets, infant formula drive H&W over €600bn

30-Sep-2014 - Ongoing bullish emerging markets and a strong infant formula sector have helped drive the global health wellness sector to $774bn (€614bn) this year, according to Euromonitor International.

EFKO develops confectionery fats business as multinational confectioners boost capacity

EFKO grows confectionery fat sales as multinationals make gains in Russia

30-Sep-2014 - Fats and oils supplier EFKO has reported sales growth for its confectionery fats division in H1 as multinational confectioners post sales gains in Russia.

"This is the thin end of the wedge in the campaign by industry to force GM foods into Europe," says Friends of the Earth Europe

TTIP is a 'trojan horse' trade deal for GM imports, says Friends of the Earth

30-Sep-2014 - The proposed EU-US trade deal could see the European market opened up to US imports of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), despite the Commission's public assurances to the contrary, claims Friends of the Earth.

Brenntag to acquire Chimab SPA

Brenntag to acquire Italian food and ingredients company

30-Sep-2014 - Brenntag has agreed to acquire Italian ingredients and food company Chimab SPA for an undisclosed amount, the company said on Tuesday.

FIC regulation: When is nutrition labelling mandatory?

FIC regulation: When is nutrition labelling mandatory?

30-Sep-2014 - The Provision of Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) is fast approaching the key date in December 2014, after which the majority of its provisions start to take effect. In this guest article, Campden BRI expert Steve Spice addresses some of the most common questions about nutrition labelling.

Colored potato snacks contained an average of 40% more polyphenols

Colored potatoes double antioxidant activity in extruded snacks: Study

30-Sep-2014 - Extruded snacks made from colored-flesh potatoes have antioxidant levels two to three times higher than regular potato varieties, a study finds.

Recognisable insects may not go down as well as insect flour among Europeans

Edible insects: Create consumer demand – even where there is none

30-Sep-2014 - Successful development of insect-containing foods will not be led by consumer demand – it will create it, according to an industry expert.

Pea dextrin could offer a clean label solution that helps mask the formation of off-flavours from lipid oxidfation in an emulsion.

Pea dextrin may offer clean label ‘off flavour’ masking alternative

29-Sep-2014 - Researchers are backing the use of pea dextrin as a clean label solution to masking off-flavours generated by lipid oxidation products.

“If we can’t penetrate those two markets, India and China, with sustainable palm oil then it will probably remain a niche,” said Unilever's global sustainable sourcing development director.

CSPO may remain a niche unless it penetrates China and India, says expert

29-Sep-2014 - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil could remain a niche product unless it gains importance in India and China, according to former RSPO director Jan Kees Vis.

North Africa will become part of Nestlé's new EMENA Zone - Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Nestlé redefines its European division

29-Sep-2014 - Nestlé has integrated the Maghreb, the Middle East, the North East Africa region, Turkey and Israel into its ‘Zone Europe’, renaming the business division EMENA, for Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Swedish survey shows need for more products that adhere to Nordic nutrition keyhole label standards

80% of Swedes give keyhole labelling thumbs up

29-Sep-2014 - Around 80% of Swedish people think the keyhole labelling system is a good thing, according to a survey published by the Swedish National Food Agency (NFA).

Organic food sales rebound in the UK

Organic food sales rebound in the UK

29-Sep-2014 - Sales of organic food and drink in the UK have grown 1.2% over the past year – outperforming the stagnant non-organic grocery market, according to figures from market research organisation Nielsen.

Ocean management is ‘crucial’ to food security: FAO

Ocean management is ‘crucial’ to food security: FAO

29-Sep-2014 - Demand for fish and seafood is growing – but better ocean management is needed to ensure global food security, according to a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

“We tend to be comfortable and we don’t want to shake the temple too much,” says researcher.

Get rid of nutrients and focus on foods in guidelines, says sat fat researcher

26-Sep-2014 - Science should look beyond LDL cholesterol and saturated fat, which have dominated cardiovascular research until now, towards other contributing factors and a food-group approach to guidelines, according to one researcher.

UK food and drink companies see margins ‘flatline’

UK food and drink companies see margins ‘flatline’

26-Sep-2014 - The largest food and beverage companies in the UK have seen average margins flatline at 5.2% over the past two years, according to research from OC&C Strategy Consultants.

Up to 4,000t of oats will have been processed at the site this year

Ingredients giant Glanbia invests in gluten-free

26-Sep-2014 - Global food ingredients giant Glanbia Nutritionals has pumped millions of pounds into a new modern oat milling facility to boost its presence in the gluten-free (GF) ancient grain market.

Recipe for success? Top companies link sustainability to business performance

Recipe for success? Top companies link sustainability to business performance

26-Sep-2014 - Unilever, Nestlé and Diageo are the most sustainable companies in the food and beverage industry – but more needs to be done to link sustainability efforts with business performance, according to a new report from certification body DNV GL.

'Flavonoids favored the reduction of acrylamide when a moderate but not high level was selected,' researchers say

Flavonoids for acrylamide reduction: Study

25-Sep-2014 - Flavonoids can effectively reduce acrylamide formation and there are low-cost methods of measuring the antioxidant activity to optimize impact, claim researchers.

Just like Mama used to make? Givaudan says a new wave of natural flavour solutions could help industry create convenience products that taste just like their home-cooked counterparts.

Deeper understanding of flavour complexity will provide richer tastes naturally, says Givaudan

25-Sep-2014 - A new approach to flavour formulation, which focuses on reproducing the complex concoction of molecules generated through slow cooking, could provide industry with a new generation of natural and clean label solutions for convenience foods, says Givaudan.

“Too many claims and the consumer is overwhelmed, but miss some out and you could be excluding a powerful motivator for purchase,” says Mintel analyst

Can too many simple ideas on pack get confusing?

25-Sep-2014 - Putting more than one ‘clean’ label on pack treads a fine line between informing and overwhelming consumers, one analyst warns as the Commission issues controversial advice on egg labelling.