What’s better for blood glucose levels, sushi or ice cream? It depends who you are, say researchers

“If a diet did not work for you, it may be the diet’s fault and not your fault,” said lead researcher Eran Segal.

Blood glucose levels vary widely across individuals even for the same food, say researchers who have developed an algorithm to calculate the ‘right’ diet – paving the way for mass personalised nutrition and casting doubt over the usefulness of universal dietary guidelines.

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Innova's top ten trend predictions for 2016

ADM among those to drop out: 'After assessing the current state of uncertainty in Paris in general, we have decided not to participate in the show this year'. Photo credits: iStock.com / IakovKalinin

32 firms pull out of FiE in wake of Paris attacks

Chinese market open for UK organic dairy imports

Chinese market open for UK organic dairy imports

Social movement Cacao for Change calls for insurance protection for cocoa farmers under a new ‘shared value’ model it says should be adopted by the entire industry. Photo: iStock - Duncan_Andison

Cocoa ‘a sad story’: Farmers need insurance as human cost of industry overlooked, says Cacao for Change

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Market Trends

Bright blue water: Smart-chimp moves spirulina from supplement section to beverage aisle

Bright blue water: Smart-chimp moves spirulina from supplement section to beverage aisle

Campden BRI opens consumer test centre

Campden BRI opens consumer test centre

"There is already a sustained downward trend for bacon and sausages, so the question is: will the rate of decline decelerate back to the existing level or will it continue at the new rate?” said Martin Wood of IRI.

WHO report hits already-falling bacon and sausage sales

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Food for thought: What we learnt at Food Matters Live

Food for thought: What we learnt at Food Matters Live

Even unpopular interventions to make meat more expensive, such as taxes, would face diminishing resistance as people come to understand the rationale behind intervention, wrote the authors of the report.

A carbon tax on meat is not a complete turn-off to consumers: report

Food Drink Europe launched this year its research principles for robust and transparent research collaboration between the food industry and scientists. Photo credit: iStock.com / Mare Kuliasz

Is 'robust and transparent' research possible when industry and scientists collaborate?

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'If all foods could be made even moderately healthier, perhaps even functional, by the addition of specific seaweeds we could have an effective long-term intervention strategy for heart disease,' say researchers. Photo credit: iStock.com / marekuliasz

Add seaweed to food to improve heart health, Danish researchers urge industry

Frequently Syndrome X is considered a medical issue and left to the medical world to ‘treat’, even as the science builds around probiotics, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s...Image: iStock.com/HYWARDS

Is ‘Syndrome X’ treatable with food?

Barry Callebaut-sponsored research provides answers on cacao molecules and interactions

Unraveling the cocoa code: Barry Callebaut discovers undetected polyphenols as it develops ‘cocoa atlas’

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Commission clears Solina acquisition

Commission clears Solina acquisition

Some of the innovation going on at Naas in Kerry's 'Discovery Suite'.

‘Europe needs innovation’: Kerry

Small suppliers have been hardest hit by price war, according to EMW

Small suppliers ‘main casualties’ of price war

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Global Forest Watch data shows 52% of the fires are on peatlands. When peatlands burn they release high levels of methane, meaning the impact on climate is 200 times greater than fires on other lands. Photo credit: Samir Arora

Indonesia is burning - but how responsible is the palm oil industry?

The better for you (BFY) category has been a victim of the clean label and reformulation trends, says Euromonitor

The state of the health and wellness market in 2015

'Consumers are now ready to reward companies seen to be using food in the most sustainable way.'

Orange crush: Carrot waste finding fibre future




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