Cargill adds 700 new employees after snapping up ADM's chocolate business

Cargill to acquire ADM’s chocolate business for $440m

02-Sep-2014 - Cargill has agreed a deal to acquire ADM’s global chocolate business for $440m.

Coke faces Swiss anti-trust probe as Denner takes up cola cudgels

Coke faces Swiss anti-trust probe as discounter Denner takes up cola cudgels

02-Sep-2014 - Coca-Cola Hellenic has confirmed that Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) is investigating allegations that it illegally stopped retailer Denner buying its branded sodas abroad at lower prices.

EHL Ingredients says classic herbs such as rosemary or parsley were not performing as strongly as exotic ingredients and hotter spices. Photo credit: Julie Gibbons

Consumers want organic versions of their favourite food, say sector specialists

02-Sep-2014 - Organic seeds, spicy ingredients as well as organic versions of everyday meals are key trends, according to the company EHL Ingredients and a food marketing expert.

Photo credit: Kurtis Garbutt

Sugar methylglyoxal may turn ‘good’ HDL cholesterol ‘bad’

02-Sep-2014 - Sugar-derived methylglyoxal may damage ‘good’ cholesterol which helps protect against heart disease but protective proteins could counter this, according to research from the UK’s University of Warwick.

Foodcycle has received £10,000 of government funding

London group FoodCycle wins government funding

02-Sep-2014 - Bromley-by-Bow-based FoodCycle has received £10,000 of government funding to help it increase volunteering opportunities.

“If you forget one part [of the supply chain] the goods won’t flow and the money won’t flow,” says Solidaridad. Photo credit: Cbertel

Unilever-Solidaridad supply chain partnership grows from sugar to gherkins

02-Sep-2014 - A Unilever agreement with Solidaridad is set to extend supply chain sustainability beyond the usual suspects of tea and cocoa to vegetables like gherkins.

Will Russian embargo impact whey and lactose prices?

Will Russian embargo impact whey and lactose prices?

02-Sep-2014 - While the impact of the Russian embargo on whey and lactose exports is “limited”, the price of these ingredients will likely be affected, says 3A Business Consulting. 

“To our knowledge, this is the first population-based study to suggest a chemopreventive effect for flavanones on ovarian cancer risk..."

Huge 40-year, 180,000 woman cohort shows flavanols can reduce ovarian cancer risk

02-Sep-2014 - Regular consumption of flavanols and flavanone bioactive compounds, found in tea, citrus fruits and fruit juices, can lower the risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 21%, according to a cohort study involving nearly 180,000 women and begun in 1976.

'Over 70% of survey respondents said that they are much more aware of their eating habits than they used to be, indicating that they are more likely to pay attention to what is in their food' said Ulrick & Short director

Consumers want clarity in food labelling, says survey

01-Sep-2014 - Consumers demand simpler labels and fewer additives, according to a new survey commissioned by a British-owned clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short. 

Photo credit: Philip Taylor.

Geopolitics hit Naturex first half results

01-Sep-2014 - French botanicals giant Naturex said first half results had been dented by a difficult macroeconomic environment and exchange rates, despite restructuring and acquisition moves.

10,000 new Scottish food and drink jobs

10,000 new food and drink jobs on cards, says Bank of Scotland

01-Sep-2014 - Investment and growth in Scotland’s food and drink sector will see around 10,000 new jobs created in the region, according to a Bank of Scotland report just a month before the region is set to vote on independence from Britain.  

Empty pockets: Down trading causes hitch in UK chocolate sales, says IRI analyst. Photo credit: Bradley Gordon

UK chocolate sales rocked as consumers balk at price hikes

01-Sep-2014 - Chocolate confectionery sales are falling in the UK as consumers move to lower priced products and take advantage of promotions following price hikes, says an analyst at IRI.

Farming organisations in the Baltics are pushing for compensation from the European Commission

Meat industry in Lithuania suffers heavy losses over ASF and Russian sanctions

01-Sep-2014 - Meat producers in Lithuania have reported heavy losses due to the continuing spread of African swine fever (ASF) and the sanctions on meat supplies to Russia.

'There is a possibility that dietary instead of drug intervention could be used to enhance immunity since metabolism and senescence are two sides of the same coin,' said Arne Akbar, Professor of Immunology at UCL

Diet could enhance immunity among the elderly: Researchers

29-Aug-2014 - Proper nutrition could strengthen immunity in older age and thus prevent diseases, according to two recent UK studies.

The new method was able to accurately distinguish whether more than 350 samples of tomatoes were organic or conventional produce.

Researchers take aim at organic food fraud

29-Aug-2014 - A team of German researchers have devised a way to use authentication technologies to differentiate organic produce, and potentially battle against food fraud.

Despite the study being in rats, the team behind it say results may have implications for people's ability to limit their intake of certain kinds of foods, because the brain's reward circuitry is similar in all mammals.

Junk food could reduce appetite for healthier balanced diet

29-Aug-2014 - A diet of ‘junk food’ not only increases weight gain, but could also lead to changes in food preference that include a loss of appetite for a balanced diet, according to new research in rats.

Experts call for one set of regulations for the global food industry

Experts call for global collaboration on food fraud

29-Aug-2014 - Global food businesses must work to one security standard for all food types if the threat of fraud and foodborne diseases is to be reduced, according to a major new report.

A new set of mandatory standards for healthier food in NHS hospitals have been described as ‘woefully inadequate’

Government’s hospital food standards ‘woefully inadequate’

29-Aug-2014 - A new set of mandatory standards for healthier food in NHS hospitals have been described as “woefully inadequate” by the Campaign for Better Hospital Food.

Poultry insurance is on the cards in Saudi Arabia to reduce mortality rates

Saudi poultry production up, but struggling with disease and costs

28-Aug-2014 - Saudi Arabia’s poultry production is growing strongly, but disease and feed costs are thwarting the kingdom’s aim of domestic self-sufficiency, according to a US Department of Agriculture report.

Around 3,000 hectares of vegetable fields, 736 hectares of fruit trees, and 13,200 greenhouses have been destroyed or damaged in Gaza.

Gaza conflict causes $450m damage to agri infrastructure

28-Aug-2014 - The recent conflict in Gaza has effectively halted local food production and caused US$450m-worth of damage to the territory’s agricultural infrastructure, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) warns.