Might Kraft Foods cream cheese brand Philadelphia be available one day with double the protein? (Photo: Mark Morgan/Flickr)

Kraft Foods files patent to protect spreadable high-protein cream cheese

30-Jan-2015 - Kraft Foods has filed an international patent application covering production methods for high protein spreadable cream cheese compositions that it says overcomes traditional textural or smoothness problems.

Added sugar, and in particular added fructose, is a primary driver of type 2 diabetes, say researchers - who suggest industry should be incentivised to slash levels in foods and drinks.

Added fructose is key driver of type 2 diabetes, warn experts

30-Jan-2015 - Added sugars, particularly those containing fructose, are a principal driver of diabetes and pre-diabetes and should be ‘drastically’ reduced, according to leading researchers.

“We will not sacrifice our basic standards on sustainability but at the same time we can’t continue to add costs to our industry," says Malaysian plantation industries and commodities minister

Cost, cynicism and frustration: Malaysian government launches own palm oil standard

30-Jan-2015 - The Malaysian government has launched its own sustainable palm oil certification standard – but will this add to or detract from sustainability and transparency efforts in the sector?

NIHS: "...there’s a real gap in our knowledge when it comes to puberty and adolescence. This research will go a long way towards bridging that gap.”

300-strong ‘teenage nutrition & health’ cohort extended to 2017; diabetes-obesity insights sought

30-Jan-2015 - A 300-person cohort assessing how youthful diet and lifestyle affects health via methods like amino acids, sugars and antioxidants measurement has been extended to 2017, with an aim to plug a gap in teenage data.

The test can detect as little as 0.01% soy in sunflower lecithin, the company says

Certification to assure soy-free sunflower lecithin

30-Jan-2015 - Cert ID Europe has introduced a certification programme to confirm that sunflower lecithin does not contain traces of soy.

Sales of premium foods may benefit from lower prices, Rabobank said, although the effect was likely to be limited for most foods and drinks

Lower oil price to have ‘limited’ impact on food industry: Rabobank

30-Jan-2015 - Lower oil prices may affect retail food prices in the long run, but they are unlikely to have a large effect on the food industry, says a new analysis from Rabobank.

Growth rates in childhood obesity slowing - study

Sector not absolved by childhood obesity slowdown

30-Jan-2015 - A slowdown in childhood obesity growth rates does not absolve the food and drink industry from blame, despite its efforts to reduce the fat, sugar and salt (FSS) content of its products, experts have said.

Diageo brands including Johnnie Walker are now more focused on competiting in the 'modern' on-premise channel in China (Photo: Charles Chan/Flickr)

Bend baijiu like Beckham: Diageo talks up Chinese turnaround but sales keep falling

29-Jan-2015 - Diageo chief Ivan Menezes today talked up the company’s turnaround plan for ‘challenged market’ China – where the company is betting on Beckham-backed Haig Club whisky and lower-cost baijiu - but volume sales still fell 20% year-on-year in H1 2015.

The addition of kokumi substances to low fat products could help to improve taste, say researchers from Japanese firm Ajinomoto.

Kokumi compounds could aid fat reduction: Ajinomoto study

29-Jan-2015 - The use of ‘kokumi’ substances could improve the taste of low-fat foods, aiding efforts to reduce levels of fat and calories in foods, say researchers from Japanese firm Ajinomoto.

The Latvian agriculture minister said the EU could not accept 'differentiated treatment' for individual member states

Russia may lift import ban on some products

29-Jan-2015 - Russia may lift its ban on some imported products from Europe, and the Commission has urged in talks this week for Member States to remain unified in their demands.

It’s legal but dishonest to use non-organic aromas in organic products, says consumer group Foodwatch

Organic aroma loophole leaves bad taste

29-Jan-2015 - The organic French yoghurt brand Vrai has been forced to pull one of its yoghurts after consumer pressure weighed in on its (legal) decision to use a non-organic aroma.

Footballing icon David Beckham features in the Haig Club advert

Diageo escapes red card: ASA clears David Beckham Haig Club whisky advert

29-Jan-2015 - Diageo’s Haig Club whisky advert featuring footballing icon David Beckham has been cleared by UK media regulator the Advertising Standards Authority.

ICL's CEO said the deal could help it enter the food and nutrition markets in China and the Far East, as well as the EU

Israel Chemicals to acquire Prolactal

29-Jan-2015 - Israel Chemicals’ (ICL) Food Specialties business unit has agreed to acquire dairy proteins specialist Prolactal for an undisclosed sum.

Quillaja saponaria contains naturally foaming compounds

Ingredion rolls out quillaja-derived foaming ingredient across Europe

29-Jan-2015 - Ingredion has introduced its natural foaming agent for non-alcoholic beverages, fruit syrups and cordials derived from Quillaja saponaria (the soapbark tree) to the European market.

The event takes place at the five-star Grand Hyatt Hôtel Martinez in Cannes

Food Vision 2015 programme unveiled

28-Jan-2015 - The Food Vision 2015 programme centres on the theme of responsible innovation, and includes parallel sessions on food and nutrition for the first time.

Tesco Special Flakes saw the biggest sugar rise since 2012 - up 35.8% to 16.3 g of sugar per 100 g serving

Not so sweet: ‘Surprising’ sugar spike in UK breakfast cereals, mostly in own label

28-Jan-2015 - Sugar content has risen in a fifth of UK ready-to-eat breakfast cereals since 2012 with the largest spikes coming from retail own brands, finds Action on Sugar research.

Photo: Andy Melton/Flickr

Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to earlier period onset in teen girls and thus higher breast cancer risk

28-Jan-2015 - Harvard researchers say that teenage girls who regularly quaff drinks with added sugars tend to start their menstrual periods earlier in life than those who don’t, which increases their later breast cancer risk.

Sugars intakes have increased in Dutch male adolescents, but reduced in other populations like Denmark, the US, UK and for Dutch females, according to a data review

Sugar intakes 'decreasing' or 'stable' globally, report finds

28-Jan-2015 - Dietary sugars intakes are decreasing or stable in most countries, according to a data review of ten European countries, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Report outlines potential winners and losers of TTIP agreement

Report outlines potential winners and losers of TTIP agreement

28-Jan-2015 - The planned EU-US free trade agreement holds unexpected opportunities for developing countries, but could negatively impact Southeast Asia, says a new study.

Pollinator declines may put millions at risk of malnutrition

Pollinator declines may put millions at risk of malnutrition

28-Jan-2015 - More than half the people in developing countries could become newly at risk for malnutrition if crop-pollinating animals like bees continue to decline, research has found.