'A Good Mood' (Photo: Nick F/Flickr)

‘Mood balancing beverages’: Sensient Flavors eyes growth market with new concepts

01-Mar-2015 - Sensient Flavors has developed new beverage concepts that it says respond to rising demand for food and drink that affects and balances our emotional states in a ‘gentle and natural’ way.

The keyhole was established in Sweden in 1989

Sweden to make keyhole “cooler” for consumers

27-Feb-2015 - Sweden’s National Food Agency (NFA) said that it is set to undergo an image makeover to make keyhole nutrition labelling “cooler” for its citizens.

Enzymotec brings breast milk composition research under one 'umbrella'

Enzymotec brings breast milk composition research under one 'umbrella'

27-Feb-2015 - Enzymotec has initiated a project to increase its understanding of the factors that affect the composition of breast milk.

The colour coding takes into account saturated fat, sugar, salt and calories – and in some circumstances protein, fibre, fruits, vegetables and nuts

French colour-coded nutrition labels hailed as ‘antidote to food marketing’

27-Feb-2015 - Consumer watchdog Que Choisir has urged the French government to adopt colour-coded front-of-pack nutrition labelling as “an antidote to food marketing” following a study backing its efficacy.

Mondelēz to axe around 200 jobs In Ireland restructuring project

200 layoffs: Mondelēz to streamline Irish choc plants and shut gumbase factory

27-Feb-2015 - Mondelēz International plans to close its Tallaght chewing gum ingredient factory and will restructure chocolate production in Ireland, resulting in around 200 job cuts.

Researchers suggested eating eggs, lean meats or Greek yoghurt for breakfast

Skipping breakfast may lead to diabetes and heart disease

27-Feb-2015 - Skipping breakfast may typically be associated with obesity but a recent study on young women suggested it could also lead to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

High-protein breakfast key for people with Type 2 diabetes

Breakfast is key for diabetics

27-Feb-2015 - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for people with type 2 diabetes, an international study has claimed.

Red meat warning for people with kidney disease

Red meat warning for people with kidney disease

27-Feb-2015 - A diet high in red meat could increase the risks of further health problems for people with kidney disease, say researchers.

Enzymes have many food uses, from tenderising meat to allowing greater juice extraction from raw materials

FIAP enzymes list could affect food innovation, says Novozymes

26-Feb-2015 - Upcoming EU regulation of food enzymes could affect food companies’ approach to research and development, according to enzyme specialist Novozymes.

Strong growth in natural flavours does not just mean success for natural alternatives to synthetic top notes and flavour systems, say experts.

Don’t forget herbs and spice: Natural flavour growth goes beyond high intensity flavours

26-Feb-2015 - The trend for natural foods has seen alternatives to synthetic flavours take centre stage, but growth in this sector has been matched by increasing use of herbs, spices and seasonings, say experts

Thought soft drinks were sugary? Look at energy drinks! says Action on Sugar

Thought soft drinks were sugary? Look at energy drinks! says Action on Sugar

26-Feb-2015 - Energy drinks contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar per 500ml serving – more than three times the maximum adult daily intake of free sugars a day, according to research released by Action on Sugar. 

The NFU has now launched a campaign for politicians to back farmers

British union asks food industry to back farming

26-Feb-2015 - The British food industry, politicians and consumers were encouraged to support farming by the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) after a “worrying” study found that nearly half of the nation’s food may be imported in the next 25 years.

The report found that 55% of consumers still thought 'natural' sugars were healthy

UK sugar industry sales drop by 14%

26-Feb-2015 - Sales dropped to £298m (€338m) in 2014 and coincided with findings that nearly half of British consumers had shied away from sugar that year.

Emulsifier consumption changed the species composition of the gut microbiota - and caused microbiome shifts that were linked to inflammation, IBD, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Food emulsifiers linked to gut bacteria changes and obesity

26-Feb-2015 - Emulsifiers used in foods may be altering our gut microbiota composition and driving metabolic changes that lead to inflammatory conditions and obesity, say researchers writing in Nature.

Personalised 3D printed foods may be the future of the industry

Eco-friendly innovation will shape the future of the food industry

26-Feb-2015 - New technologies and innovative ingredients are likely to structurally change the food supply chain in the near future, says a report by Rabobank.

The organisation is banking on Mars to boost sales in the UK and Ireland

Fairtrade sales drop in the UK for first time in 20 years

25-Feb-2015 - Sales of Fairtrade goods fell nearly 4% last year in the UK as consumers turned to cheaper alternatives at grocery stores.

'Given that we understood it was extremely difficult for nutrition experts to devise such a diet, we considered it would be highly unlikely that an average consumer would readily be able to do so,' ASA says

ASA rejects LighterLife Fast complaint: It's hard to get 100% of RDAs with 600 kcal of ‘ordinary' food

25-Feb-2015 - It would be extremely difficult for consumers to devise a 600 calorie diet providing 100% of vitamin and mineral RDAs themselves, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said in its rejection of a complaint against LighterLife Fast.

'Deliciousness and disgust are very closely related- one can quickly change into another depending on where you are or who are with,' says the author of Tasty

Breaking the taste taboo

25-Feb-2015 - Taste preferences are firmly rooted in a society’s culture - but they can be changed if manufacturers succeed in creating a new ‘cultural context.’

VIP Nuts co-founder: 'If Carlsberg did nuts, they would do VIP Nuts’ – you know, how good is that?

VIP Nuts: We’ve cracked it with beer collaboration

25-Feb-2015 - Collaborating with major beer brands like Carlsberg and Cobra has stretched our reach even further, says the co-founder of VIP Nuts.

The choice between a high fat and low fat diet makes an offspring eat more, the study said.

Food choices not mother’s diet main driver of obesity, says research

24-Feb-2015 - A wider choice of foods available to children may be a key driver of obesity, according to new research in mice.