Public policy expert says FSA freeze on new novel food ingredient applications is “an appalling development” that is bad for British business.

UK FSA closes door on novel food applications as austerity bites

18-Apr-2014 - The UK Food Standards Agency is no longer accepting novel food applications, a development one public policy expert says is “alarming”.

Nestlé coffee brand denies wrongdoing but agrees to compromise after French investigation into fair competition practices. Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik

Nespresso concedes in anti-trust battle: We don’t accept but we will cooperate

18-Apr-2014 - Nestlé's brand Nespresso will allow greater use of competitor coffee capsules in its machines following a French anti-trust investigation.

Lay's is one of PepsiCo's power brands defining its category and driving business, CEO Indra Nooyi says

PepsiCo CEO: 'Several of our brands virtually define their categories'

18-Apr-2014 - Power brands like Doritos, Lay’s and Quaker Oats are allowing PepsiCo to stay strong in volatile market conditions, CEO Indra Nooyi says.

Low-fat choices likelier with traffic light labels, finds study

18-Apr-2014 - Consumers are more likely to buy low-fat products when they have traffic light labels, but organic foods could suffer from the system, according to research.

High-protein bread - the trend of tomorrow?

High-protein bread could bake up a storm: Euromonitor

17-Apr-2014 - High-protein bread will be a functional niche of the future if manufacturers can play up the satiety angle and get the taste right, says a health and wellness expert.

UTZ Certified: Pilot project aimed at improving hazelnut productivity and cubing child labor in Turkey

Chocolatiers back project for world’s first certified sustainable hazelnuts

17-Apr-2014 - UTZ Certified has begun a three-year initiative to develop a certified sustainable hazelnut supply in Turkey, which accounts for 70% of global production.

Cutting carbs, gluten or fat? The 'utter nonsense' behind claims to be the best diet

17-Apr-2014 - From the benefits of gluten-free to those of Mediterranean and Palaeolithic diets, many claims that one dietary strategy are better than another for health and weight loss are simply 'unjustified' and 'sometimes utter nonsense', according to a new review.

Researchers suggest hardness of foods influence our estimations of calorie content.

Chewing the fat: Calorie perception of hard and soft food differs

17-Apr-2014 - People perceive foods that are hard to have fewer calories than soft equivalents, according to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Omega-3 enriched camelina trials will be the only GM field trials currently in the UK. Photo credit: Sarah Usher/Rothamsted Research

DEFRA gives GM camelina omega-3 project go-ahead

17-Apr-2014 - The UK government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has granted permission for field trials of genetically modified (GM) camelina plants that accumulate omega-3s in their seeds.

Food Vision 2014: In pictures

17-Apr-2014 - The Food Vision event in Cannes brought together global food and drink industry leaders to tackle some of the biggest issues and key topics directly affecting the future of the industry and the profitability of businesseses. FoodNavigator and the Food Vision team bring you the highlights in pictures.

FSA and Which? report lamb takeaway fraud

Tests reveal a third of lamb takeaways contain different meat

17-Apr-2014 - Almost a third of lamb takeaway meals contained other cheaper meat, according to findings released by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

A pan-European whole grain labeling definition would need several categories and descriptions, says Jan-Willem van der Kamp from TNO Food and Nutrition

EU whole grain label laws could take over a year to define, says expert

16-Apr-2014 - Industry will meet with scientists next week in Vienna to start discussions on the future of pan-European whole grain labeling, but it’s likely to take more than one year to finalize, says an expert from TNO.

"We will start a little test factory to specifically go in to scaling up of production," says the man behind the world's most expensive burger.

In conversation with the mastermind behind the €250,000 lab-grown burger

16-Apr-2014 - Last year Professor Mark Post sparked international interest with the unveiling, and tasting, of the world's first lab-grown meat. Since then he's been working to iron out technical issues so that commercially available lab-grown meat can become a reality.

Ludwigshafen post-fire: “Product supply will normalise within the framework of delivery lead times and respective inventory levels.”

BASF vitamin production returns to normal after fire

16-Apr-2014 - BASF’s vitamin A and E production is close to resuming normal service after a fire ripped through its German plant on March 12.

Sponsored places are available for students at the IFST's jubilee conference next month

Food science under spotlight at IFST jubilee conference

16-Apr-2014 - Mapping the future of food science is the aim of the Institute of Food Science & Technology’s (IFST’s) jubilee conference next month, according to its chief executive Jon Poole.

Dr Bernhard Url: "EFSA in 2014 does not have a problem with conflict of interest, but with perceived conflicts of interest.”

New EFSA chief-designate: ‘Our first priority is to get the science right’

16-Apr-2014 - The European Union’s central science agency must become more transparent to meet rapid technological change in food and agriculture, its likely next chief told the European Parliament this week. And conflicts of interest were not an issue.

If you're developing cereal for weight management you should use bigger flakes and reduce the calorie density, says lead scientist

The secret to healthy cereal NPD? More air, less flake...

16-Apr-2014 - Consumers can eat up to 34% more calories when eating breakfast cereal with smaller flakes; a physical factor cereal makers should take a closer look at, says the lead scientist of a new study.

Andean Grain Products believes its chia seeds are equivalent to The Chia Company's

Andean Grain Products seeks EU novel food approval for chia seeds

16-Apr-2014 - Andean Grain Products has requested an opinion from the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) on novel foods equivalence for its chia seeds.

ADM to keep hold of most of its cocoa processing plants but will sell its chocolate business

ADM to retain cocoa presses, but chocolate factories up for sale

16-Apr-2014 - Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has announced that it will retain the majority of its cocoa processing operations but will sell its chocolate business.

Sustainable palm oil shift is cheaper than bad publicity impact

15-Apr-2014 - The cost of moving towards traceable and sustainable palm oil is marginal compared to the long-term effects of negative publicity, says Euromonitor.