Brands go for ethical certification to protect reputation, not maximise profits

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Food manufacturers sign up to traceability schemes like Fairtrade and Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) to improve their supply chains and traceability rather than bump up the price of their profits and score marketing points, according to new research conducted in Italy.

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Europol: False organic certification continues to be major problem for food industry

Real Stevia fields in Paraguay. © Matias Maluff

Sweden’s Real Stevia to bring sweetener back to its roots with Paraguayan plant

Research has suggested that the amount of processing of organic foods seems to be negatively associated with sales, suggesting that the nutritional benefits of consuming organic ingredients are somehow lost in processing. ©iStock/leventalbas

Lost in processing? Organic’s ‘halo effect’ blunted in processed food

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Hasta la Pasta? Italians ditch traditional pasta for alternatives

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Taiyo introduces sweet-tasting dietary fibres

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Tate & Lyle launches 17 non-GMO starches

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Austrian start-up taps into fermentation trend with umami-packed seasoning

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MSC's 2020 strategy: One fifth of seafood certified sustainable by 2020

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Algae and insects: Are they still the next big ingredients in cooking oils?

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