Will acacia gum finally get the clean-label recognition it wants?

Acacia Gum has received bad press in the past, but producers are determined to show its multifaceted side ©iStock

Acacia gum is 100% natural, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and applicable in almost every area of the food industry. Why does it have a chequered past, and how can it obtain the clean-label credentials it wants?

Organic is 'in sync' with the natural and clean label trend and will go from strength to strength, says Euromonitor analyst Eva Hudson. © iStock/Antonio_Diaz

Organic and free-from in rude health as shoppers study labels

Good time to push sustainability schemes

Good time to push sustainability schemes

© iStock/Thinglass

Voluntary certification schemes essential to meet SDG targets, say WWF & ISEAL

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ICI's child labor prevention system aims to keep kids in schools and away from hazardous cocoa work. Photo: Cargill

‘Potentially full scale-up’: Cargill pilots cocoa child labor monitoring system

The emergence of worms and crickets as a viable source of protein has led observers to speculate what's in store for future innovation by the food industry. ©iStock/Wittayayut.

Recipe for success: Why bugs & social innovation are on the menu

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Instagram could be fuelling food waste epidemic, study says

Data will be used to stimulate growth. © iStock/JackF

EU seafood survey: 28,000 polled. Italians most adventurous

Quinoa has gained international attention because of the nutritional value of its seeds, which are gluten-free, have a low glycaemic index, and contain an excellent balance of essential amino acids, fibre, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. ©iStock

Quinoa gene tinkering key to meeting worldwide food demand

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