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Demand for premium, organic food increases fraud risk – Ecovia Intelligence


Growing demand for premium and sustainable food products increases the risk of food fraud because of its higher price point, research firm Ecovia Intelligence suggests.


How food makers can build trust in the food chain

Cheap food has expensive consequences but how can we make 'better' food?

Cheap food has expensive consequences but how can we make 'better' food?

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MEPs oppose GM herbicide resistant soybean imports

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Taiyo introduces sweet-tasting dietary fibres

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Tate & Lyle launches 17 non-GMO starches

The intention was to use the β-amylase in starch processing for production of glucose syrups containing maltose to be used as a food ingredient. ©iStock

New EFSA enzyme tool paves way for deeper safety evaluations

'Once outside the EU the UK must develop its own external tariffs, and may find itself subject to the high external tariffs applied by the EU to agricultural products—to the detriment of UK farmers and food manufacturers.' ©iStock/Nerthuz

Brexit could pose GM headache for UK

The switch to the so-called tropical oils has led to the indsutry-wide adoption of palm oil, which has not been without its controversies.©iStock/taffpix

Time for an oil change? Next-gen fats and oils offer health-boosting options

'Nutrition gets people interested, but taste gets them coming back.' ©iStock

Lab burgers, lentils and locusts: is it boom-time for the meat-free protein market?

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