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Take it from Toyota – lean and green can cut costs

The first step is to identify different kinds of existing waste in the food production process, before classifying them and assessing how to eliminate them. ©iStock/TeamOktopus

Food processors could drive down costs by following the model designed by car manufacturer Toyota in the 1950s, according to a leading supply chain expert.

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Trans-fats' cell death role more direct than previously thought: Study

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Clash of the Seitans: Lobbies locked in plant-based stalemate but near EU definition of vegetarian

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OmegaIngredients launches sweetening flavour modifier in powder form

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Food flops in Sweden's Museum of Failure: When NPD goes seriously wrong

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Tate & Lyle launches 17 non-GMO starches

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Modified maize starch brings cost savings of 15%, says Ingredion

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Germany in crucial data drive to understand radioactivity risk in food

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Univar to bring Bunge lecithin range to Europe

Hungary topped this year’s index on food with a score of 28 out of 100, largely thanks to “the most extensive system of food and soft drink taxes in Europe." ©iStock

Very little nanny-state regulation in EU, research suggests

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