Sugar, salt and fat reduction

Trans-fats' cell death role more direct than previously thought: Study

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The action of trans-fatty acids may be more damaging to cells than previously thought, as a study reveals the mechanism by which cell death occurs faster, leading to atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

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A lack of political will is stalling action on obesity: McKinsey report author

Does a high-fibre claim on premium ice cream still sound indulgent? Absolutely, says Koupe

Does a high-fibre claim on premium ice cream still sound indulgent? Absolutely, says Koupe

Results from the Swedish survey found the average consumer ate less sugar and salt, more healthy fat and more vitamin D than five years ago. © iStock

Swedish shoppers’ baskets filled with healthier foods, survey finds

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Taiyo introduces sweet-tasting dietary fibres

Aspects of the Mediterranean diet were used to form Barilla's approach in achieving long-term sustainability and improving the health of the population. ©iStock

Barilla identifies Med diet and sustainability as the ‘new culture’ of food

The World Obesity Federation (WOF) is hoping that by classifying obesity as a disease, doctors will take a more holistic view of obesity and will increase the focus on obesity treatment and prevention.©iStock

World Obesity Federation: “Snowball effect” taking place as obesity recognised as disease

Teaspoon visualizations of sugar will do more for public health than calorie labels, says FMCG Strategic Alliance consultant. ©iStock/Wittayayut

The right dose: Are confectionery players misreading the sugar obesity debate?

Previous studies have reported an association between oral diseases and overweight or obese status. ©iStock/shironosov

Oral health status weighs heavy amongst the obese: Study

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One in three adolescents is obese, say WHO

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