German start-up Smuus mixes food, politics & tongue-in-cheek marketing

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German start-up Smuus has an original concept with its fruit and vegetable smoothies for yoghurts, desserts, bread, meat and cheese. But the campaign for its peach-flavoured product, which promises to donate 10% of profits to charities fighting the policies of (peach-coloured) Donald Trump, could be even more original.

Does the future of sustainable eating lie in plant-meat blends?

Does the future of sustainable eating lie in plant-meat blends?

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Brands go for ethical certification to protect reputation, not maximise profits

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Tougher advertising rules for marketing unhealthy foods at children come in to effect tomorrow


Coca Cola partners urged to stop marketing Capri-Sun drink to kids

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Europol: False organic certification continues to be major problem for food industry

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Industry giants unite to eradicate forced labour in global supply chains

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New €7 m project aims to ensure all European aquaculture businesses are sustainable and competitive

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