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JRC finds 14% of honey samples to be adulterated


More than 14% of tested honey samples have been found to be adulterated, according to a long-awaited report by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).


Italy proposes €18,000 fine for firms failing to indicate Italian origin

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Is the era of cheap food over? Food Ethics Council says not just yet

Europeans were deceived by products containing undeclared horse meat in 2013 © iStock/Richard Pinder

Protecting consumers from deception: EU Parliament backs tough food inspection regulations

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Slavery at sea prompts calls for new ethical seafood labelling

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US deal will flood UK market with food people don’t want, warns respected academic

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Romanian & Hungarian local food laws breach EU single market : Commission

Data will be used to stimulate growth. © iStock/JackF

EU seafood survey: 28,000 polled. Italians most adventurous

Castelmagno cheese got PDO status - DOP in Italian -  in 1996. It must be produced in the Cuneo Province, and can be labelled a mountain product. © iStock/ArtIndividual

Audit confirms quality of EU protected origin products

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Portugal to trial origin labelling for milk

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