Country of origin labelling

Is the era of cheap food over? Food Ethics Council says not just yet

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The Food Ethics Council met in January to discuss climate change, obesity, food security, people and animal welfare, and new technologies.

Europeans were deceived by products containing undeclared horse meat in 2013 © iStock/Richard Pinder

Protecting consumers from deception: EU Parliament backs tough food inspection regulations

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Slavery at sea prompts calls for new ethical seafood labelling

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US deal will flood UK market with food people don’t want, warns respected academic

The protectionist laws are in breach of the EU's single market rules. © iStock/MarianVejcik

Romanian & Hungarian local food laws breach EU single market : Commission

Data will be used to stimulate growth. © iStock/JackF

EU seafood survey: 28,000 polled. Italians most adventurous

Castelmagno cheese got PDO status - DOP in Italian -  in 1996. It must be produced in the Cuneo Province, and can be labelled a mountain product. © iStock/ArtIndividual

Audit confirms quality of EU protected origin products

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Portugal to trial origin labelling for milk

Italy has introduced country of origin labeling rules for dairy products. Pic: ©iStock/boggy22/ad_krikorian

Italian dairy country of origin labeling comes into force

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Follow the 'farm to fork' conversation at Berlin's Green Week

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