Country of origin labelling

Romanian & Hungarian local food laws breach EU single market : Commission

The protectionist laws are in breach of the EU's single market rules. © iStock/MarianVejcik

Romania and Hungary's laws on promoting domestic food over imports are in breach of EU law, according to the Commission which has launched infringement proceedings against both countries.

Data will be used to stimulate growth. © iStock/JackF

EU seafood survey: 28,000 polled. Italians most adventurous

Castelmagno cheese got PDO status - DOP in Italian -  in 1996. It must be produced in the Cuneo Province, and can be labelled a mountain product. © iStock/ArtIndividual

Audit confirms quality of EU protected origin products

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Portugal to trial origin labelling for milk

Italy has introduced country of origin labeling rules for dairy products. Pic: ©iStock/boggy22/ad_krikorian

Italian dairy country of origin labeling comes into force

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Follow the 'farm to fork' conversation at Berlin's Green Week

The watch is made from typically Swiss Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese mixed with a composite itr2 nanocarbon material. "It's pasteurised and doesn't stink," say its makers.   © H. Moser & Cie

Firm fights 'lax and meaningless' Swiss Made law with watch made of cheese

Name game. Not complying with the law can result in fines. © iStock/Martince2

What's in a name? Product legality, as UK updates food naming guidance

Although voluntary, the official state logo could close the door to other schemes by setting maximum limits for foreign ingredients.  © iStock/Marcio Silva

Poland to introduce voluntary 'Made in Poland' label

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Origin labelling: A step towards transparency - or worrying form of ‘gastronationalism’?

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