Kraft Heinz drops Unilever bid but are other UK firms 'sitting ducks' for post-Brexit takeovers?

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Unilever shares have plummeted as Kraft Heinz drops its multi-billion dollar merger bid -  but with the sterling weakened by Brexit, smaller firms are "sitting ducks" for foreign takeovers, UK politicians have warned.

Following Brexit, how closely will UK regulatory officials work with companies within its own borders to lessen the risks? Pic: ©iStock/NicoElNino

The Brexit effect on food safety regulations

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Brexit will be sweet for cane and beet, says British sugar industry

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A ‘sustainable food pact’ between industry and government is the only way to save UK farms: Green Alliance

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Could Brexit trigger a race to the bottom for Britain's food safety & quality?

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, there are concerns over how a hard Brexit and leaving the Single Market will affect agriculture and the dairy industry. Pic: ©iStock/PicturePartners/Physicx/NirdalArt

Dairy industry responds to Brexit speech

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May's vision for Brexit: Twelve-point plan or glorified wishlist?

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Brexit-proof? Irish food and drink 2016 exports exceed €11 billion

'For seven decades Roquette did carbohydrate engineering and science – and for the last 10 years we do more and more protein science.' ©iStock

Roquette on pea protein: ‘In five years’ time the off-taste issue will be completely resolved.’

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Little chance of post-Brexit food fraud frenzy

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