Palsgaard emulsifier 'doubles' bakery shelf life

A new cake emulsifier which lengthens shelf life to a minimum of 24 months has been devised by Danish ingredients manufacturer Palsgaard.

In collaboration with its R & D facility, Nexus, the company claims to have created the "most stable instant cake emulsifier on the market".

While generic emulsifiers typically give bakery products a shelf life of around six to 12 months, the Emulpals 300 can increase this period to two years, keeping cakes fresher for longer - an important consideration for retailers and cake-mix producers who frequently have to deal with a long and difficult distribution chain.

In a statement Palsgaard said: "Critical performance of cake emulsifiers are factors such as aeration performance, cake volume, texture and softness. These characteristics are now secured over an extended period of time, giving increased security, more yield and more sales."

The emulsifier, which was released this month, contains no trans fats making it particularly attractive to bakers competing in the growing health-conscious market.

In fact, Palsgaard claims it works to eliminate fatty acids from cake recipes as the harmful fats can be replaced by the emulsifier and vegetable oils.

Trans fats have been linked to high levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol and heart disease and now many major snack and bakery companies, such as United Biscuits and Kelloggs, are exploring alternatives as consumers grow more wary.

Recent Frost & Sullivan figures reveal emulsifiers, along with fat replacers, are leading growth in the food additive industry, since 2001 the market value of emulsifiers rose by some 5.6 per cent.

Emulsifiers are used by food makers to reduce the surface tension between two immiscible phases at their interface - such as two liquids, a liquid and a gas, or a liquid and a solid - allowing them to mix.

Palsgaard emulsifiers are designed for the aerated cake sector with a specific emphasis on sponge cakes, swiss rolls, pound cakes and snack cakes.

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