Energy drinks trigger ‘life threatening’ heart activity, study suggests

Although the cardiovascular safety profile of caffeine has been relatively well established, there is little published literature on the physical changes linked with multi‐ingredient energy drinks.©iStock

The consumption of caffeinated energy drinks results in significant changes to heart function and blood pressure when compared to other drinks containing the same caffeine content.

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Some like it hot: Cayenne pepper curbs appetite and boosts satiety

Early introduction of vegetables can result in less fussy kids

Early introduction of vegetables can result in less fussy kids

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Smells like teen spirit? Different age groups have specific food smells - and that's important for tailored NPD


Experts dismiss new study showing dangers of BPA


Plant protein may prove a more effective diabetic defence: Study

Multiple factors contribute to obesity-induced insulin resistance, but low-grade chronic inflammation of metabolic tissues of the liver is one central factor in its development. ©iStock

Rogue one: Liver immune cells turn to dark side in the face of obesity

Confectioners should favor a scientific apporach to meeting sugar reduction targets, says Leatherhead Food Research's head of microscopy. ©iStock/Povareshka

How to reduce sugar scientifically and creatively in confectionery

Defra’s Family Food Survey published in March, found sales of regular soft drinks fell by 34.6% between 2010 and 2014. Low-calorie drinks purchases increased by 35.8%. The survey stated that 38% of all soft drinks consumed were fully sugared, ©iStock

Artificial sweeteners raise stroke and dementia risk, study claims

The switch to the so-called tropical oils has led to the indsutry-wide adoption of palm oil, which has not been without its controversies.©iStock/taffpix

Time for an oil change? Next-gen fats and oils offer health-boosting options

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