Radioactivity in foodstuffs, FSA calls for comments

The UK Food Standards Agency is currently seeking views from the food industry on the European Commission's proposal to introduce legislation controlling radioactivity in foodstuffs. The new proposal introduces new legislation to replace Council Regulation (EEC) 737/90, which came into force in March 1990. This lays down Maximum Permitted Levels (MPL) of radiocaesium contamination of Chernobyl origin in agricultural products originating from countries outside the Community that may be imported into the Community. The new legislation would set MPLs on all products (foodstuffs) offered for sale in the Community, wherever they are produced. Current legislation adopted in 1987, sets out MPLs for foods produced within the Community but only for use in the event of a future nuclear accident. The FSA believes that these MPLs will be superseded by the new legislation and apply at all times. Any comments should be communicated to at the FSA before 1 October 2001.

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