Waiver for free range eggs ruled illegal by EU commissioner Hogan


Commissioner for agriculture Phil Hogan has ruled out any waiver on the EU’s free range egg policy, which has forced many producers to abandon the status in the wake of the bird flu crisis.

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UK triggers article 50 for Brexit; Industry reacts

The BRC said that evidence showed more retailers were moving towards low prices and that multi-buys were diminishing because that's what consumers wanted. 2020.©Kaisorn

Food and drink promos ‘undermining’ childhood obesity efforts, say MPs

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Scotland and Wales launch plans to help food sector weather 'uncertain times'

Parliament failed to reach the required majority, leaving the decision in the hands of the commission  ©iStock

MEPs oppose GM approvals but Commission will have the final say

Wilmar has been sourcing illegal palm oil from plantations in critically endangered habitats, according to new findings iStock©

Nestlé "very concerned" over deforestation links to Wilmar palm oil

France's law can only ensure 1% of surplus supermarket food is donated ©iStock

France's food waste ban: One year on

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EFSA to recommend daily intake values for added sugar by 2020

The retracted paper was entitled: 'Potentiality of Neem (Azadirachta indica) Powder in Rheology Modification of Oil-in-Water Emulsion.' ©iStock

Manuscript text used by reviewer for published paper, journal claims

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WHO praises France for ‘straightforward’ nutrition logo

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