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'Mood foods' are on the rise, says Mintel

Last updated the 10-Dec-2013 at 09:35 GMT - By Caroline Scott-Thomas+
Interview of Laura Jones - Global food science analyst, Mintel
'Mood foods' are on the rise, says Mintel
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Consumers are looking for foods and drinks that influence how they feel, whether that’s a drink that helps them sleep, or an indulgent ice cream. Mintel’s global food science analyst Laura Jones explains.

Jones said that while many consumers are still interested in foods that provide physical health benefits, the concept of 'mood foods' also encompasses those that affect emotional states. 

The biggest trends within this category at the moment include anti-energy drinks, intended to have a calming effect or to help sleep, while the idea goes beyond ingredients, with companies looking to associate their brands with traditional comfort foods.

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