Health concerns drive latest Danisco range

Danisco claims it latest pectin-based ingredient ranges will cater for the growing demand amongst sweet-toothed consumers for healthier and nutritious confectionery.

The company is targeting its new line of fruit snack ingredients at on-the-go children and adults as a convenience products with reduced sugar. Danisco is unveiling the new products at a time when confectioners and snack processors are attempting to tap demand for more nutritional products, amidst growing concern over high levels of junk food consumption. Many European governments are looking towards imposing advertising bans on unhealthy confectionery and snacks, whilst also reducing their availability within schools and workplaces. It is this market that the company hopes to target the latest flavouring ranges. The health benefits associated with the product line range from a 25 per cent reduction in sugar, to counting as one of the recommended five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables, Danisco said. The range of mixes include popular fruit flavours packages such as blueberry and yogurt, apple and carrot, and sweet apple and caramel. These also include a number of additives the company believes have significant health benefits. For example, the company has put a stress on its use of pectin, which is receiving increasing awareness amongst processors for its health benefits. Some research suggests that pectin can lower cholesterol levels, serum glucose levels and may also have anti-cancer activities. Pectin is also valued as a soluble fibre. The list of additives also includes litesse ultra oolydextrose, a product Danisco claims is a low calorie formulation with prebiotic fibre. Along with confectionery formulation, the company also claims the product has applications for value-added breakfast bars and granola products that require extra fortification. Donna Brooks, Danisco's regional director, said the launch will be a huge advantage for confectioners keen to offset revenues lost to healthier snack products produced by competitors. "The prototypes we have created meet the demands of time-challenged consumers who want convenience, but are well aware of their nutritional needs," she said.

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