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Expanding the role of enzymes ‘to get more out of less’

Last updated the 04-Dec-2013 at 09:19 GMT - By Caroline Scott-Thomas+
Interview of Lars Asferg - Director business unit enzyme solutions, DSM Food Specialties
Expanding the role of enzymes ‘to get more out of less’
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Enzymes were traditionally used to make foods cheaper and faster, but the role of enzymes is expanding, to also help make foods more sustainable and to add consumer benefits, according to director of DSM’s business unit enzymes solutions Lars Asferg.

Asferg spoke with FoodNavigator at FIE in Frankfurt, after the company won an award for its MaxiPro enzyme, which is intended to recover protein from animal by-products.

In the future, enzymes will be used more widely to help the food industry ‘get more out of less’, he said, by using more of the by-products from food and ingredient waste streams as ingredients in their own right.

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