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Best food jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Last updated on 20-Aug-2014 at 11:49 GMT - By Laurence Gibbons+
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Comedians performing at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe have earned plaudits for food and drink-based one liners from comedy writers, television stations and the press.

In this gallery we focus on some of the best food and drink-based puns we’ve heard from the month-long festival of comedy, music and arts.

Some of the brands used by comedians to tickle the ribs of their audiences in Scotland include Kit Kat, McDonald’s. Fanta and Quorn.

Paul F Taylor’s joke about a McDonald’s Happy Meal earned him the accolade of sixth funniest joke at this year’s festival from television station Dave.

To find the most hilarious one-liners, Dave compiled a panel of 10 judges, consisting of the UK’s foremost comedy critics. 

Scoured venues

They scoured venues at festival fringe over a week-long period to nominate their three favourite jokes. 

The shortlisted gags were then put anonymously to the public vote, with 2,000 Brits selecting those that they found the funniest.

The overall funniest joke in Dave’s list was: “I’ve decided to sell my hoover... well, it was just collecting dust.” The joke was written by Tim Vine, who also has a joke about a chocolate egg in our list.

But, how funny is it really? To find out, enjoy our gallery of the best food and drink jokes of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014.

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