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Andean Grain Products seeks EU novel food approval for chia seeds

Andean Grain Products believes its chia seeds are equivalent to The Chia Company's
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Andean Grain Products has requested an opinion from the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) on novel foods equivalence for its chia seeds.

The company’s chia seeds are grown in South America, but it has requested that its product be considered as equivalent to seeds grown in Australia by The Chia Company. Both companies market the seeds for use in bread products, breakfast cereal and fruit, nut and seed mixes.

The ‘equivalence’ procedure is a simplified approval method for companies that believe products to be “substantially equivalent” to another food on the market.

Should Andean receive an opinion from the FSA, it can then submit a notification to the European Commission.

The comment period on the application is open until May 2. Full details can be found HERE.

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