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EFSA to recommend daily intake values for added sugar by 2020

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will publish a scientific opinion on how much sugar can be included in a healthy diet by 2020, it has confirmed.

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A 20% sugar cut by 2020? ‘It won’t be possible,’ says FDF

Tate & Lyle Food Systems Global Innovation Centre in Lübeck, Germany, was unveiled last week at a media event to showcase upgrades at the facility.

Tate & Lyle unveils upgraded innovation center

From a preventative point of view, it is advisible to reduce sugar intake or to replace sugar with other low-calorie sweeteners. Thus, the development of new types of sweeteners is of great interest.©iStock

Allulose low-cal sweetener credentials boosted as glucose control is highlighted

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CGF celebrates healthy reformulation of 180,000 products in 2016

5-C NutriScore to be France's official nutrition label

5-C NutriScore to be France's official nutrition label

A great deal of effort is necessary to modify the texture of food for the elderly diet since dysphagia is common in older people. ©iStock

The tint, taste and texture of food: What matters to older consumers?

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Natural flavours and colours can reassure health-conscious parents

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Stop claiming calcium lactate and glucose-fructose syrup are 'natural' ingredients, ASA rules

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South African sugar tax could be blueprint for all Africa: WHO

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