Glanbia's patent-pending powder process removes need for lecithin in drinks

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Glanbia has developed BevEdge, a patent-pending technology that allows manufacturers to remove lecithin from protein powders and beverages, cleaning up the ingredient list and removing a potential allergen.


Plant protein may prove a more effective diabetic defence: Study

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DuPont health & nutrition president on mega mergers, start-up successes and new product launch plans

Whey protein is commonly added to dairy foods such as yogurt, ice cream, and cheese to increase total protein content, alter textures, or replace more costly ingredients. ©iStock

Whey protein approach could cut calories in yogurts and ice-cream

Pulses are popular but don't stop investing in consumer awareness, say researchers

Pulses are popular but don't stop investing in consumer awareness, say researchers

The Impossible Burger may have stolen the limelight – and Silicon Valley a lot of the funding to date – but Europe’s food tech industry needs to “think bigger” because there has “never been a better time” to start a business.©iStock/DigitalStorm

Food tech: the future is now, say investors

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In the Western context, examples of such foods include insects, frogs and snails, and animal parts such as brains, intestines and tongues. ©iStock

Low acceptance of insect-derived foods not all about taste: Study

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UK cricket flour energy bar wins ife 2017 Sustainable Packaging Award

Animal blood from slaughterhouses could be used to generate added-value ingredients and provide alternative protein sources, say Irish researchers (Pic: ©iStock).

Bloody good idea? Could 'wasted' animal blood be alternative protein source?

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