Vegetal Nisin A & Soluble Natamycin for Food Preservation

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The innovative clear pure vegetable Nisin (called NisinA®) and high-soluble pure Natamycin (called NatapTM) achieved the highest level of food preservation and efficiency against spoilage bacteria and pathogens. NisinA® was upgraded from nisin (E234) with impure protein and high sodium chloride content and was honored with the “IFT innovation award” and “FiE award finalist”. NatapTM was the cutting edge improvement from natamycin (E235) with low solubility. Both innovations approved worldwide, created clean, healthier, natural antimicrobial solutions for inhibiting lactic acid bacteria, spore-formers, Listeria, S. aureus, E.coli, salmonella, yeast and mold in food and beverages.


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