Meat, fish and savoury ingredients

No meat and less salt: Salt of the Earth’s Mediterranean Umami is changing the meat alternative space

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A sodium-reduction solution that mimics the taste of meat has been created by Israeli supplier, Salt of the Earth Ltd.

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Gastro2025: Industry giants to advise Danish government on boosting food industry potential

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New €7 m project aims to ensure all European aquaculture businesses are sustainable and competitive

Nitrite and nitrate are authorised used in meat, fish and cheese products to hinder microbial growth, in particular to protect against botulism. ©iStock/Kuvona

EFSA confirm current exposure levels of food nitrites and nitrates are safe

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Vegan-friendly eggs? Just add water, say New Food

Powerful protein: Edible insects packing a punch

Powerful protein: Edible insects packing a punch

Research has suggested that the amount of processing of organic foods seems to be negatively associated with sales, suggesting that the nutritional benefits of consuming organic ingredients are somehow lost in processing. ©iStock/leventalbas

Lost in processing? Organic’s ‘halo effect’ blunted in processed food

This increase in anthropogenic pressure, along with climate change, threatens the biodiversity of fishes and food security. ©iStock

Higher marine food demand places big fish on ‘at risk’ list, study finds

Approximately three out of every seven people globally rely on seafood as a primary source of animal protein, according to the paper. ©iStock/ALLEKO

Science skills should switch to social side of seafood sustainability, says paper

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Hungarian law to require "distinctive warning" labels on foods with inferior ingredients

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