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'Very little appetite' amongst consumers for post-Brexit food regulation changes

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Politicians need to think very carefully about how they communicate what Brexit means for food safety and regulation, according to new research carried out in Scotland.

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Finnish food tech firm bags first prize for innovative ingredient sensor

The TresClean project is part of the H2020 Industrial Leadership program. Picture: Ecor Research.

First ever antibacterial metal surfaces to be trialed in dairy

Europeans were deceived by products containing undeclared horse meat in 2013 © iStock/Richard Pinder

Protecting consumers from deception: EU Parliament backs tough food inspection regulations

IFST has updated its Information Statement on Acrylamide. Picture: EFSA.

IFST updates Information Statement on Acrylamide ahead of EU Commission regulation

ABB Orion light guards. Picture: ABB.

Safety procedures must be developed in food processing plants

Crops all over the world are susceptive to infection by fungi of various Aspergillus species, a fungus that produces secondary metabolites known as aflatoxins.©iStock

Aflatoxin-free crop technique could beef up third world food security

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EU lawmakers to discuss companies selling poorer quality food in Eastern Europe

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US deal will flood UK market with food people don’t want, warns respected academic

Ingestion of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles from products such as agricultural chemicals, processed food, and nutritional supplements is for the most part unavoidable.©iStock/ClaudioVentrella

Titanium dioxide may interfere in digestive processes: Study

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