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PepsiCo palm oil progress report dismissed as ‘masterful window dressing’


PepsiCo’s efforts to provide further transparency in the palm oil supply chain have been slammed as “masterful window dressing”, in a strongly worded statement by the Rainforest Action Network.

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DSM improves 2017 outlook as it ‘outpaces the market’


Mediterranean diet benefits reserved for the rich, Italian study says

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French people eat too much salt and not enough fibre: ANSES

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EU agri-food exports on the rise

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Lithuania moves to cap industrial trans fats


Unilever slaps palm oil supplier SMS with suspension following damning deforestation report

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Ingredient exports to benefit under EU-Japan trade deal

As butter prices rise, is there an opportunity to create more butter from the same amount of milk? Pic: ©iStock/Twoellis

Butter shortage? How to improve yield from the same amount of milk

Ulrick & Short have introduced delye 9, a tapioca-based product the company says can replace butter as an ingredient. Pic: Ulrick & Short.

New fat replacer can help potential butter shortage

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