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Food insecurity puts preschool kids at social and learning disadvantage: Study

In general, as the intensity of food insecurity increased across early childhood, so too did negative associations with outcomes. ©iStock

Children who experience food insecurity in early childhood are already at a disadvantage when starting school as research has found they are less able to learn and interact with their peers.

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Growth in deforestation commitments hides transparency issues

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Invented brand name Toscoro too similar to protected Toscano, EU rules

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CGF celebrates healthy reformulation of 180,000 products in 2016

A clear pattern was established in the study. Eating more fish and plant-based proteins such as nuts and beans was linked with less pain, regardless of body weight.©iStock

Obesity-related pain eased by foods found in the Mediterranean diet: Study

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UK minister critical of 'inexplicable' assessment of obesity strategy

Nestle's commitment in 2013 saw the amount of saturated fat contained in its Kit Kat bar decrease to 6.4g from 7.2g.©iStock/robtek

Reformulation rethink in cutting calories gives taste of success

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Water emulsions can achieve up to 20% fat reduction

Univar and TerraVia ink deal to bring whole algae to Europe

Univar and TerraVia ink deal to bring whole algae to Europe

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Clean label cull: French supermarket cuts 90 'controversial' substances from private label products

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