Chocolate and confectionery ingredients

Innovation, health & home delivery: Drivers for organic food growth amongst consumers


Innovative products in the organic sector are continuing to contribute to its growth in 2017, as non-dairy milks, nutty butters and confectionery join traditional recipe snacks.

PHE facts on childhood obesity via @PHE_uk

UK targets calories in next phase of childhood obesity plan

Brands could look to roasted jackfruit seeds if cocoa demand outstrips supply, say researchers ©iStock/greenaperture

Potential cocoa substitute: Jackfruit seeds create chocolate aroma, say researchers


FDF, BRC back ‘coordinated’ approach to sugar reduction


Sweetener combos in food result in irrational metabolic response: Yale study

Cereal, sugar and dairy drive global food prices upwards

Cereal, sugar and dairy drive global food prices upwards

Luo han means monk in Chinese and guo means fruit. © iStock/breath10

Chinese supplier Layn to bring monk fruit to Europe

Mondelēz reported its net revenue decreased by 5% to $5.99bn during Q2, 2017.  Photo: ©iStock/DanielBendjy

McCain Foods president to become Mondelēz’s new CEO amid Q2 revenue decline

© iStock/AnaMariaTegzes

Does Europe need a legal definition of natural food?

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French people eat too much salt and not enough fibre: ANSES

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