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Special K targets Swedish women with Cracker Crisps launch

Kellogg is making a '60% less fat' claim on pack to appeal to health conscious consumers
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Kellogg has launched three variants of Special K Cracker Crisps into the Swedish market, boasting a 60% less fat on-pack claim to target health-conscious females.

The cereal and snack major has claimed its Cracker Crisps, air popped chips made from tapioca, wheat and potato, were 60% lower in fat than regular potato chips – a claim it has made on pack.

Christina Flänsgård, head of nutrition information at Kellogg Nordic, said the low-fat product had been developed to suit health conscious women and targeted snacking occasions across the day.

Kellogg has developed three flavors for the Nordic region – original sea salt, sour cream & onion and paprika.

Special K Cracker Crisps are already available in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

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