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Sensient Natural spices up portfolio

26-May-2014 - By Kacey Culliney+
Manufacturers can now innovate in sync with market trends using these chili blends, says Sensient
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Sensient Natural Ingredients has developed a line of ‘on-trend’ chili blends that enable food and beverage makers to align innovation with demand.

The ingredients major has launched seven blends – Red Sriracha, Indian Curry, Thai Arbol Chile, Moroccan Harissa, Spicy Buffalo, Pickled Jalapeno and All-American Hot Sauce. They can be used as seasonings in snacks but also in dips, dressings, condiments, soups and meal makers.

“Our hope is that the chili blends collection will be an idea-starter and a tool to help manufacturers create unique, in-demand and flavorful food and beverage products,” said Nestor Ramirez, CRC, division chef at Sensient Natural Ingredients.

The new line should enable manufacturers to innovate in sync with market trends, he said.

Spices have boomed over the past two years in the global category, with director-general of the European Snacks Association Sebastian Emig going so far as describing 2013 as a “spicy year”.

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