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Glanbia Nutritionals pushes textured ancient grains in Europe

Last updated on 17-Jun-2014 at 13:05 GMT2014-06-17T13:05:46Z
Glanbia Nutritionals says texture is important in the ancient grains trend
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Glanbia Nutritionals has introduced its full line of ancient grains into Europe, targeting the bakery, snack and cereal sectors.

The line of chia, sorghum, amaranth and quinoa was developed two years ago and originally launched into the US but Glanbia Nutritionals has now bought the line into Europe. The gluten-free grains can be used in a host of products including breakfast cereals, bars, snacks and bakery products.

Each ingredient was available in a variety of textures, including popped and flaked – something that was increasingly important for manufacturers, said Jamila Bouanda, sales manager in Europe at Glanbia Nutritionals.

“Offering new textures in the ancient grains space is very important. Consumers are looking for more variety in bar, cereal and snack textures, so we’re looking to create solutions that offer a new type of crunch and flavor,” she told

The ingredients are currently manufactured in Glanbia’s US plant.

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